Project Health Report Dashboard

Developed as a complete business management software solution for professional integrators, ProjX360 has announced that it’s augmented its product with the addition of its Project Health Report Dashboard.

ProjX360 states with its latest feature, professional integrators can immediately see where they stand with any single project.

The Ariz.-based company points out the Project Health Report Dashboard provides users project information that includes:

  • Total Project Sale and what has been billed and what remains in the billing process.
  • Total money received
  • Equipment total and what was billed and what is remaining
  • Labor total and what was billed and what is remaining
  • Labor hours what was bid vs. actual 
  • Total margin
  • What equipment has been installed and what is left to install

The Project Health Report Dashboard augments the software’s other features such as CRM, project proposal generator, work orders, cloud storage, invoicing, time and budget tracking, and inventory management, which are just some its business management tools.

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Project Health Report Dashboard
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