Kaleidescape Compact Terra 18TB Movie Server

Adding to its product line, the video home entertainment company Kaleidescape has announced its new compact Terra 18TB Movie Server.

Kaleidescape states that its latest server now provides homeowners with a choice of five storage solutions, and the new Terra 18TB model is capable of storing up to 300 4K movies with download speeds equal to its larger, four-drive Terra servers.

The Calif.-based, high-performance video manufacturer points out the new Terra 18TB Movie Server provides 50% more storage than its recently introduced Terra 12TB model. Kaleidescape emphasizes the Terra 18TB Movie Server is capable of downloading a full-length 4K movie in as little as 10 minutes on a gigabit Internet connection, and the server supports as many as five simultaneous 4K movie playbacks on display devices located throughout a home.

Like its other servers Kaleidescape notes, professional integrators can add storage to their clients’ systems incrementally as more storage is needed.

Kaleidescape adds the 1U-high Terra 18TB Movie Server complements its Strato C Movie Player to provide homeowners with the foundation for a high-performance home video system with whole-house video distribution capabilities.

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Terra 18TB Movie Server
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