ELAC Solano Line of Home Loudspeakers

ELAC, a California-based manufacturer of audio components has introduced its new Solano line of loudspeakers.

The West Coast company says that integrators can use the products for stereo and surround sound, home theater installations through the value proposition the product line provides to homeowners.

ELAC explains that its new Solano line of products incorporates features such as its JET 5 tweeter that provides a faster response and wider dynamic range with less distortion than conventional dome tweeters. Complementing the JET 5 tweeter is the company’s 6-inch hybrid aluminum/paper cones that are said to provide high levels of stiffness, without being too heavy to offer a balance of power and linear response characteristics.

The company goes on to explain the Solano line of products’ drivers also utilize cast chassis that minimize reflections to the back of the cones to provide improved clarity, and cabinets that employ downward firing ports that allow integrators to place the speakers in just about any room location.

Other features the Solano line of loudspeakers provide include dual-binding posts to support bi-amp or bi-wiring configurations. ELAC also offers the speakers in a choice of high-gloss black or white paint finishes, and ELAC says the bookshelf and floorstanding models come with lacquered cast-aluminum bases.

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