C2G 4K HDMI Dongle Adapter Rings

C2G, a manufacturer of connectivity products, has announced a pair of new 4K HDMI Dongle Adapter Rings that allow users to connect their devices via retractable universal mounts or to existing HDMI cables.

The company explains that its latest products are designed for environments that include conference rooms, huddle rooms, lecture halls and other similar settings in which people use unified collaboration (UC) systems.

According to C2G, the new 4K HDMI Dongle Adapter Rings make life easier for users by providing them the flexibility to connect their laptop computers or smart devices such as tablets to displays and UC systems. C2G points out that its new adapter products provide options to connect any device to a range of video displays, while supporting an array of resolutions up to 4K.

The 4K HDMI Dongle Adapter Rings feature color-coded HDMI-to-DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, USB-C, VGA and Lightning dongle adapters to make connecting to whatever relevant format easy.

C2G adds that its new connectivity adapters save time by enabling users to quickly identify what particular adapter they need to connect their computer or smart device. Adapters can be used quickly by accessing the integrated pull tabs to facilitate attachment to an HDMI cable. The mount version includes a retractable extension that extends out nearly five feet, and C2G adds custom adapter configurations are also available.

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