LG Business Solutions
All-in-One 136-inch Display (model LAEB015)

Adding to its selection of All-in-One LED displays, LG Business Solutions has introduced a new 136-inch solution (model LAEB015).

LG says that its newest All-in-One 136-inch LED display provides integrators with an easy-to-install solution that offers end users a portable solution when integrated with an optional mobile stand.

The global electronics company specifies the 1.56mm pixel pitch display’s resolution as 1920 x 1080, and its contrast and brightness ratings at 3,000:1 and 800 nits respectively.

Model LAEB015 LED display ships in a professional, wheeled flight case, and LG emphasizes the 136-inch unit is ready to assemble in locations that include conference rooms, lobbies, classrooms and other similar areas.

LG explains the 136-inch LAEB015 LED display comprises an embedded controller and two mounting cabinets.

All an integrator needs to do the company continues is attach the 72 individual LED modules to the cabinets.

The display mounts in a landscape configuration and its slim profile complies with ADA specifications. The 136-inch LED display’s optional mobile mount stand incorporates a set of wheels to enable users to move the display wherever it is needed.

Additionally, the LAEB015 incorporates three HDMI inputs, audio out and a choice of ports, which are located on the side of the display.

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All-in-One 136-inch Display (model LAEB015)
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