CE Pro Podcast #10: Why Sonos Launched the Dolby Atmos-Friendly Arc Soundbar

Cullen Harwood of Sonos explains the process the popular audio company employed to develop its new Dolby Atmos compatible Arc soundbar and its S2 OS.

CE Pro editors Robert Archer & Arlen Schweiger chat with Sonos' Cullen Harwood, product marketing manager - architectural, about the Arc Soundbar, the S2 OS release and rollout of Sonos Radio.

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CE Pro Podcast 10 Sonos Arc Soundbar

Over the past decade, Sonos has transformed from the “Little Engine that Could” following its launch in the mid-2000s to its current UFC “Lioness” Amanda Nunes level of wireless audio category dominance.

Flexing its market muscle, the popular company just released its new Arc soundbar. Sonos’ latest soundbar is a completely new design that provides immersive audio capabilities via the Dolby Atmos format, and an active multidriver array.

Further augmenting the soundbar, the Arc incorporates Sonos’ brand new S2 operating system (OS), which also just became available, and its new streaming solution called Sonos Radio.

Cullen Harwood, product marketing manager – architectural, Sonos, spoke with CE Pro executive editor Arlen Schweiger and myself about the company’s design approach to the Arc, its differences from previous soundbar products, and where it fits into the current ecosystem.

More Than Just a New Soundbar Coming from Sonos

Taking the conversation beyond the Arc immersive audio soundbar, Harwood also discussed in greater detail the S2 operating system and the Sonos Radio service the company now offers to users.

Harwood like many people links music to specific points in his life, and the newlywed mentions as an example the association with Sonos Radio’s New Orleans-themed “Fat City Gumbo” channel and his wedding, which took place in New Orleans.

The big takeaway from Harwood’s comments without giving too much away is the company worked hard to not only deliver a state-of-the-art home theater solution, but to also provide users with a stable successor to its long-running original operating system.

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