Stealth Acoustics heads to Thailand to Offer Invisible Speakers

Located in the heart of city of Bangkok on Ekamai road, the very first experience lab in Thailand for invisible speaker systems is launched under the name “Truly Invisible.”

Chalermpong Darongsuwan, the CEO, after his 28 years of professional experiences with electronics companies like Philips and Samsung has decided to bring the new Stealth Acoustics solution to the Thai market.

He claims, “we have carefully chosen one of the world’s leading manufacturers of invisible speakers to launch in the Thai market, Stealth Acoustics.”

“We could not be more pleased to add Truly Invisible to our our growing list of international partners. Truly Invisible’s experience in the industry, combined with their impeccable showroom (that really embraces the very essence of our brand and sales strategy) will work to create the magic that is the invisible speaker demonstration. I have no doubt they will be successful in the Thai market.”
The concept of the store is to simulate the real home environment whereby the speakers are installed in the living room area. A total of more than 15 speakers are invisibly installed for consumers to experience various possible audio solutions that include: 
Home Theater 5.1.2
Surround 5.1
3.1 channels
2 channelsBackground
MusicSingle stereo speaker to install in an area where space is limited
And in order to simulate the real-life installation, the finishing of the walls and ceiling is done with three types of different materials for consumers to have a true experience like in the real installations at their homes depending on the materials consumers chose for the wall and ceiling finishing. These finishing materials include wallpaper, painted gypsum, and laminate. These three finishing materials are among the most common ones in Thai consumer homes.

Besides invisible speakers, the Stealth Acoustics IP68 outdoor speakers (StingRay Range) are also installed at Truly Invisible. StingRay Range is created based on the same technology as indoor invisible speakers but fully enclosed the unit to become IP68.

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