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Why Are You Still Trying to Sell Central Vac Without a Demo?

In as little as a 10-minute tutorial, clients can become well acquainted with central vacuum systems … and oftentimes a demo can seal the deal.


When it comes to selling central vacuum, tacking it on the end of a proposal might convey to clients that this is a second-thought, not-really-necessary addition that, if they're looking to cut costs, will be the first to go.

According to DataSmart, a systems integrator in the Houston area, putting central vac (or CVAC) higher up on your portfolio — and your list of priorities — will quickly lead to increased profits. And what better way to show support and investment in a category than demo it for clients?

Being able to show clients how a CVAC system can be easily integrate their homes is what DataSmart director of marketing Jaime Garza says ultimately seals the deal.

“If you can show it and demo it, the customer is going to more seriously consider it,” says Garza. “Our take rate is directly tied to our ability to show the customers the product.”

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At DataSmart's design center, a 10-minute tutorial allows clients to:

  • Feel the weight of a CVAC hose
  • Connect a variety of power head accessories to the hose
  • Experience the ease of connecting the hose to a wall inlet
  • Inspect the size and features of the canister that collects the debris

DataSmart also walks clients through the floorplan of their home, indicating where inlets would be best positioned. Beam, a partner, provides the equipment as well as literature and visuals that help homeowners choose the right system for their home.

Central Vac Demo Setup

It's worth noting that DataSmart does not demo a fully-operational setup, because the only place to put the power unit would be inside the design center. This might leave some clients confused.

“We didn’t want our customers to get the impression that they’d be dealing with having to find a spot for a power unit within the living spaces of their homes, so we elected to stick with simple show-and-tell style of demonstration,” Garza says.

In an actual setup, the power unit would reside in a garage or basement, out of sight (and earshot).

H-P also helps integrators demo its CVAC products, just the way they would any other home technology.

“When consumers get a taste of central vacuum convenience, they never want to go back, so it’s important for us to help create a positive first experience for our customers no matter what stage of life they are in,” says Greg Calderone, vice president, H-P.

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