Having a Beer with CE Pro: WAVE Talks about Equipment Margin, Labor Crunch

WAVE Electronics VP Ainslie Fukuda discusses how the distributor is helping integrators maximize their equipment margin, improve their efficiency in the field and find qualified labor.


Jerry Seinfeld might ask celebrities to drive in cars with him, but CE Pro likes to sit down and have a beer with industry leaders. 

Ainslie Fukuda, vice president of purchasing and merchandising for WAVE Electronics, took the time to tell CE Pro editor Jason Knott what the distributor is doing to help dealers maximize their equipment margin. 

“We recognized that this was an issue several years ago, so we introduced our Elura line of speakers. It is an exclusive line available only through WAVE Electronics, not sold online and very profitable for the integrator,” he notes.

There are currently seven speakers in the Elura line. WAVE also has profit-building house brands of CCTV equipment (under the Lux brand name), HDMI cable, bulk wire, mounts, sensors, power management devices and extenders available for dealers. 

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Fukuda also talks about other key ways WAVE is supporting integrators, either through tech support and system design, or helping connect dealers who are seeking qualified labor with other integrators/subcontractors with the specific level of expertise desired. 

Another value add that WAVE offers to dealers is marketing support. One of its services involves Product Branding using special printers that allow WAVE to print integrator-branded logos and other graphics directly onto the alarm panel or equipment rack.

Fukuda says that security dealers who brand their company on a panel have a much lower takeover rate than those who don't.  The distributor also offers a full slate of Dealer Marketing Services that includes making yard signs, vehicle wraps, business cards, shirts and more for CE pros. 

WAVE Electronics was established in 2002. It offers more than 8500 SKUs from over 120 manufacturers.