Voice Control for the Smart Home

A new hook for new customers.


The tech-savvy homeowner tends to be enamored with the next new gadget, and the numbers of connected devices in homes is growing exponentially.

But while some tech gadgets fail to catch on (Google Glass, anyone?), the same can’t be said for the Amazon Echo. Reports put sales of the Echo at over four million units and growing. With Amazon’s success, dealers should look to voice control as a great way to introduce smart home technology to prospective clients.

Integrating into an existing Control4 Smart Home is easy. A homeowner simply enables the Control4 Smart Home Skill inside the Alexa app, connects with Control4, discovers devices and scenes that have already been set up by their dealer, and their home is ready for voice control. Their Control4 integrated Echo will respond to voice commands such as “Alexa, turn on kitchen” to initiate a pre-programmed scene that turns the kitchen lights on full, turns down the thermostat, and plays their favorite music. Controlling their smart home has never been easier.

With the advent of voice control, getting homeowners to understand the convenience and “cool factor” of a smart home should be easier than ever before. But as they say, seeing is believing. Having an Amazon Echo in the showroom gives dealers the ability to let customers experience the magic of hands-free control for themselves.

For dealers looking to grow their customer base or those looking to upsell existing customers, voice control is the ideal opportunity to promote smart home automation. Dealers can grow their business by word of mouth. Literally!

For more information, visit Control4.com/Alexa.