Video Weekly: Valens’ Roadmap for 4K; AudioControl Partners with Loudspeaker Brands

While the CEDIA spotlight has officially begun, we haven’t forgotten about everything else happening in the industry. This week, Valens responds to reader questions, AudioControl finds new partners in loudspeaker brands and Savant and Apple release a new patent.


Sure, the CE Pro home page has been taken over by the CEDIA monster of a spotlight. But that doesn't mean we aren't keeping an eye on other industry happenings. 

Just this week, we got an email from a reader who wants to future-proof for 4K @ 60Mhz with 4:4:4 color rendering. He wondered how he should wire his home and if HDBaseT with Cat 5 wiring would fit the bill. We passed the inquiry to Valens Semiconductor, developer of HDBaseT, who responded with some great advice.

AudioControl has announced a new industry alliance initiative called the AudioControl Sound Partners Program, which aims to implement performance profiles defined by loudspeaker brands' own engineers. Four prominent architectural loudspeaker manufacturers have joined the program — Origin Acoustics, James Loudspeaker, Triad Speakers and Stealth Acoustics. 

We also discussed a new Apple/Savant patent to design wireless remote control for Yachts. Some commenters are asking, since wireless remote control is nothing new, what is there to patent? Join the discussion here.

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