Video: The Most Daring Poolside Installation of a 75-Inch SunBriteTV

The installers at Architechnology Designs tiptoe precariously around a pool, dodging plants and other dangerous obstacles to install a 75-inch SunBriteTV from SnapAV.

Video: The Most Daring Poolside Installation of a 75-Inch SunBriteTV

Architechnology Design technicians dare to install a 75-inch SunbriteTV at the far end of a pool.

Viewers will cringe! They will cheer! This video showing a poolside installation of a 75-inch SunBrite TV has audiences at the edges of their seats.

“I was anxious the entire time I was watching this,” said Robert Keeler, VP sales for Stewart Filmscreen, in a comment posted on Linkedin, where the video first appeared.

“Wow that's crazy,” wrote Art Powers, owner of Planter Speakers.

“Let's be honest with ourselves, we were all kind of hoping they'd fall in the pool,” another reviewer wrote.

The video comes courtesy of Ernie Wohlleben, owner of Architechnology Designs, a home-technology integrator in Southampton, N.Y.

Video: Technicians Elgui Arrue (right), Alex Lazo (right) and Keith Ksenopoulous (mount location)

We reached out to the company for details about the daring job.“Our client was referred to us by SunBriteTV,” says Architechnology creative director Justine Davis-Brown. “At first he wanted a 65-inch TV, then Ernie talked him into getting a 75-inch outdoor beauty that's more suitable for the size of the yard.”

The integrator and client discussed several potential TV-mounting locations, including a wall near the pool, a fire-pit area, and finally a waterfall at the far end of the pool.  

“The concern was that the corner rock waterfall fountain would provide even more obstacles to climb to, and not be stable enough to secure the TV,” Davis-Brown says. “But we aim to please.”

“This was a tricky installation because there were no other options for placement,” Davis-Brown explains. “The client had a direct concept for watching his 75-inch SunBriteTV while swimming in the pool or entertaining in the backyard. We like to go out of our way to give the clients their vision.”

The TV is complemented by Episode Landscape speakers from SnapAV, which also makes the SunBriteTV.

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