UL Opens Free Catalog of Safety Standards for Online Viewing

UL is now offering free, open-access online viewing of its entire library of over 1,400 UL Safety Standards to help address safety, security, and sustainability challenges.


Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is now offering open-access online views of its entire library of UL Safety Standards for any interested individual or organization. Global users of any economic means will be able to find, reference and employ the entire library. Prior to this news, UL standards were only available behind a paywall.

“Digital technologies and globalization have driven, and continue to drive, huge changes in standards and the way they are utilized,” says Philip Piqueira, vice president, global standards, UL. “By taking this important step, we will keep standards both relevant and vibrant, engaging new generations, more global audiences, and educators with UL Standards.”

UL has developed more than 1,400 standards to address safety, security and sustainability challenges and foster safe living and working conditions for people across the globe. The company says it continues to develop new standards for evolving technologies, systems and services.

By opening its entire library of standards, UL states it is demonstrating continued commitment to advancing standards development in the digital age by evolving its business model to align with the digitization and globalization of information.

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UL Standards development covers nearly all products, systems and services found in homes and workplaces. To browse and access the standards, visit shopulstandards.com.

UL is said to be the world’s largest, not-for-profit product safety testing and certification organization with global name recognition and acceptance. Founded in 1894 in the United States, it permits the use of its listing mark as its stamp of approval on goods and materials after standardized and stringent testing.

Thereafter its inspectors are said to regularly visit the producer to audit compliance with its certification requirements. UL has some 46 laboratories and 200 inspection centers in more than 70 countries and applies its standards to thousands of types of products manufactured by global firms.

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