The State of the Smart

Get more business by teaming up with some unlikely allies.

What do architects, designers, builders and CI installers have in common? They all strive to make a customer’s home more beautiful and efficient than it was before they were called in by the homeowner. Not many designers and architects know where to start when they are asked about home automation, and that is why Control4 created the State of the Smart E-Book. 

This e-book is filled with smart home solutions for architects, builders, and designers. It provides real life scenarios where home automation is both useful and beautiful. One builder states, “Home automation is a feature that many of our customers request. Offering Control4 automation sets us apart from our competition.” The same can be said when a smart home integrator builds relationships with designers and architects. It is just another avenue where qualified leads can come knocking right at your door. Control4 provides dealers in their network with sales and support tools focused on solutions for home professionals and the growing demand for smart homes.

See how this Toronto home builder has used smart home technology to “wow” clients and why it is now included as part of every project.

The first step in introducing home automation to architects, designers, and builders is to educate these professionals on pre-bundled packages that range from one-room entertainment solutions, to whole-home smart lighting concepts, to complete property management with security. When presented with a comprehensive outline of packages available and the costs associated, home professionals find it easy to make decisions on offering these options for their future clients. In this capacity, adding smart home technology to a home is no different than offering kitchen countertop options. For an integrator, presenting a “tiered” system is not only easy but has a high chance of success, as well. The more relationships that are built, the more opportunity the integrator has of getting quality leads and keeping their businesses busy. 

Download the State of the Smart e-book.