The Incredible Puppy Dog Close: Let Your Clients Test It Out

New sales tool from Connect One allows security integrators to let customers ‘test out’ systems from Axis, Bosch, Exacq, Barix, DMP and ELK Products before they actually purchase it.

Mike Simon

When my children were younger they wanted a dog, which of course they told my wife and I they would take care of. I think we all have heard this story. Well one day I came home from work and guess what? The kids were playing with a puppy. I said to my wife: “I thought we were going to talk about this before we bought a dog?” 

She said that she didn’t buy the dog, the pet store told her to take it home and see if the dog and kids were compatible, or something like that. Well, just as expected – we kept the dog and I was the one taking it out during cold, rainy and snowy weather. I think most of us can relate to this scenario. 

So why not try selling integrated security solutions like the pet stores sell puppies? 

Is it possible to let your prospects use a system and get comfortable with it, before they purchase it? Yes it is. 

There is a simple way to let customers see how a system can make their intrusion, access control, video surveillance, energy management and integrated solutions easier to use and more convenient.

Using the Connect ONE web-hosted interface tool called SmartShow, an integrator can let clients experience systems from Axis, Bosch, Exacq, Barix, DMP, ELK Products and others before they purchase the system. The interface manages all solutions – security, access control, video, critical temperature monitoring and more, from an easy-to-use platform accessible from PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. 

“If you think this a silly or unnecessary sales process, you are greatly mistaken,” says Mike Simon of Connected Technologies. 

This market-specific vertical sales tool is offered at no additional cost. For example, a salesperson can use this feature to demonstrate how mobile access credentials work and let prospects experience a virtual demonstration on their smartphone, tablet or laptop while the salesperson is back at the office working on the quote for the job.

Once a customer experiences all they can do, they will already be attached to what you will be offering them with the service, much akin to the puppy dog scenario.

Hey, they can’t break anything so let them enjoy the experience of what their integrated security system can be with the proper interface.

If you think this is a silly or an unnecessary sales process you are greatly mistaken. We know of successful dealers using this tactic and they are selling more systems and earning additional recurring monthly revenue (RMR) in the process. 

Sure, there are a few of us that brought the puppy back to the pet store, but I’ll bet there are many more of us standing out in the rain while our dogs are doing their business.

Michael Simon is managing partner of Connected Technologies. He can be reached at 866.976.3520.