Tagliani Smart Home: Alex Selects Epson Projector, Sl Slate Screen, AudioQuest Cables

IndyCar driver Alex Tagliani has made his first round of product selections for his new smart home, including the Epson LS10000 4K projector, Screen Innovations Slate 1.2 screen, and several types of AudioQuest cables.


Working with his two integrators — Homesync in Montreal and Eagle Sentry in Las Vegas — IndyCar racer Alex Tagliani has made his first round of product selections for his new 4,500-square-foot smart home being built in suburban Montreal.

Tagliani is building his dream smart home for himself and his family, including his supermodel wife Bronte. He came to the CEDIA Expo 2015 in Dallas and walked the floor checking out various products for the home, which will include a combination great room/home theater. Like many clients these days, he is really into technology. He is also meticulous, which is probably an attribute that comes in handy when he is racing down a straightaway at 200 mph also.

For a projector, he has selected the Epson Pro Cinema LS10000 home theater projector, which has the company's 3LCD Reflective laser projection and 4K Enhancement Technology2. The 4K ready projector with ISF calibration tools built-in offers 1500 lumens of color brightness and 1500 lumens of white brightness. The LS10000 also boasts an Absolute Black contrast ratio, wider color gamut, rich colors and smooth gradations.

For the screen, Tagliani has chosen the Screen Innovations Slate 1.2. The screen is 123-inches diagonal, 107 inches wide and 60 inches high. The projector and screen will be the centerpieces of the media room, which will include mannequins dressed in Tagliani's various racing suites encased in glass.

Cabling on the project is well underway. Among the AudioQuest cables being used by Homesync are:

  • 8 spools FLX-SLIP 16/4 500-foot white
  • 5 spools FLX-SLIP 16/2 500-foot white
  • 3 spools FLX-SLIP 14/2 500-foot dark gray
  • 4 spools HD6-PEARL 500-foot dark gray
  • 2 spools HD6-FOREST 500-foot dark gray
  • 10 spools Cat 600 1000-foot blue
  • 1 spools Cat 700 FOREST 500-foot green

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