9 Interesting Finds on CES 2017 Show Floor

From smart remotes and super-flat OLED TVs to IoT connected laundry machines and robots, here are a few CES 2017 show stoppers we saw in Las Vegas.

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We're at CES 2017 to get a sense of how the industry is moving forward, compelled by consumer interest and engagement. But sometimes, while walking the show floor, something is just too interesting to pass by.

Remember the Sevenhugs Smart Remote prototype that was at CES 2016? This year, it's completed and ready to ship.

There's also LG's home robot, which has two little blue eyes that light up when responding to commands; Mapsit, an Uber-like Internet gateway service; Triby, the Echo-like, HomeKit-compatible IP phone system; and FoldiMate, an IoT connected laundry folding device. 

Some of these products are going to be a big deal in the home installer space and others are just pretty darn cool. Isn't that always the case with CES?

Check out these products generating quite the buzz at CES 2017.

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