Skywalker AV Supply Introduces New Smooth-Tension Tilting Mounts

OEM and distributor Skywalker AV Supply releases Royal Mounts Extra Flat Panel TV UL-listed mounts for 32- to 70-inch flat panels.


Skywalker AV Supply has announced a new series of mounts from its Royal Mounts line. The new Extra Flat Panel TV Mounts are suitable for televisions ranging from 32 to 70 inches. They feature a smooth tension technology to make tilting effortless. The ratchet-free system allows for a slimmer mount design and gives installers the ability to grab and position the display to the customers' liking.

These UL-listed mounts can be used for both curved and flat panel TVs. They offer 15 degrees of tilt and are packed with installer-friendly features such as built-in screws for post leveling adjustments, a reversible back plate, a 4-1/2-inch opening to fit wall plates and A/V ports, and a small hole in the center of the mount for temporary leveling and hands-free plate hanging.

“Our engineers worked with custom integrators to design a series of mounts that could meet the installer’s needs and the result was the Royal Mounts 5600 Series,” says Randy Criebaum, president of Skywalker AV Supply.

“The tilting feature is what really sets these mounts apart. No knobs to twist. No ratchets to fiddle with. Just grab the TV and tilt it to your liking,” adds Criebaum. “Beyond that, these mounts offer everything an installer desires – they’re rugged, they install fast, and they’re packed with features.”

Royal Mounts 5600 Series Mounts are now available exclusively at all Skywalker U.S. branches.