Seymour-Screen Excellence Masking Screen Offers 16K Ambient Light-Rejecting Surface

Seymour-Screen Excellence claims that its latest products deliver a Hollywood screening room experience for half the price of traditional systems.

Seymour-Screen Excellence Masking Screen Offers 16K Ambient Light-Rejecting Surface

Depending on the configuration, Seymour-Screen Excellence's new TRIM line of screens are available at MSRPs ranging from $5,000 to $10,000.

Film screen brand Seymour-Screen Excellence (SSE) is now shipping its TRIM product, a fixed-frame motorized masking film screen available in the company's 4K Enlightor Neo acoustically transparent surface, and it's 16K light-rejecting Ambient-Visionaire surface. The company is also offering the masking film screen in its Radiant White and Gray series. 

Seymour-Screen Excellence’s True Aspect Masking (TAM) systems are designed for aspect ratio control. The screens are configured as either constant height (native 2.40 format with side motorized masking) or constant width (1.78 format with top and bottom masking).

The masking panels are finished in a sheer black speaker grille material for acoustical transparency. 

“For TRIM we designed our Infinite Black borders to be removable. This makes it possible to ship the entire system nestled in a cardboard box,” says Chris Seymour, managing director of Seymour-Screen Excellence.

“This significantly reduces cost because we don’t have to ship in wooden crates like we do with the TAMs which on average weigh 700-pounds and require up to 3-days to build. It also gives the option that if the velvet border gets damaged, the panels can be inexpensively repaired or replaced.”

SSE Aims to Bring Hollywood Screening Experience Home 

Chris Seymour devised the TRIM series as a way for home theater enthusiasts to obtain the Hollywood screening room experience on a budget in their own homes. The company claims TRIM provides the same kind of 2-way masking control and performance as those TAM systems at half the cost.

DC motors drive TRIM’s masking assemblies, and the screens can be independently controlled via IR receiver, 12-volt trigger, dry contact, RF, RS-232, Ethernet or Z-Wave.

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TRIM is available in 1.78 aspect ratio with horizontal motorized masking or 2.40 with lateral motorized masking. Widths range from 90- to 150-inches wide with custom sizes also available.

The product's borders measure 3.7-inches wide and are finished in the company’s Infinite Black velvet borders.

The 4K EnlightorNeo acoustically transparent fabric screen surfaces attach with either grip-channel or posts, while the Ambient-Visionaire and Radiant screen surfaces attach by either grommets or O-rings.

TRIM is currently shipping, with an MSRP spanning $5,000 to $10,000 depending on size ( before motor and control accessories and installation costs).