Samsung Launches MicroLED 4K and 8K Displays at CES 2019

Marking its 50th year in business, Samsung introduced a number of home-friendly state-of-the-art display products including its Q900 8K television.

Samsung Launches MicroLED 4K and 8K Displays at CES 2019

Samsung introduced its 75-inch MIcroLED 4K television at CES 2019, which utilizes the company's self-emissive microLED chips.

For its 50th anniversary, Samsung is reinforcing its standing in the electronics industry by introducing its latest generation 4K and 8K displays.

Samsung announced a number of high-performance television products during CES 2019, including lifestyle and computing screens for activities that include gaming. 

This week in Las Vegas, the company introduced more than a half dozen new display products:

75-inch MicroLED 4K TV, The Wall

Designed to integrate into a variety of home spaces, Samsung's new 75-inch MicroLED 4K TV employs the company's self-emissive MicroLEDs that utilize millions of inorganic red, green and blue microscopic LED chips that produce their own light. 

The MicroLED 4K television produces high contrast ratios, vivid colors, and it blends unobtrusively into interior designs. 

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Adding more MicroLED products to its 2019 display introductions, Samsung's 219-inch MicroLED The Wall and The Window offers integrators a modular solution configurable to any shape, size, aspect ratio, or resolution. 

These MicroLED products support standard HD 16:9 content, widescreen 21:9 movies, as well as unconventional aspect ratios such as 32:9 and even 1:1. 

The Lifestyle SERIF and The Frame

Combining the company's latest industrial designs and its QLED video technologies, the 2019 SERIF TV and Frame television lines were developed through a collaboration with the Parisian design tandem of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

When The Frame is not being used for television activities, the unit's Art Mode displays digital pieces of art that include paintings and pictures from museums and artists. Homeowners can also purchase art from Samsung's The Frame Art Store, which offers a choice of more than 1,000 pieces of art.

The SERIF combines TV functions with a unique form factor to add an artistic element to home interior designs.

Q900 8K Television  

Samsung's Q900FN TV is engineered to deliver the best possible QLED image, along with a next-generation 8K resolution. 

According to the company, it recently released the first commercially available 85-inch 8K QLED, and it will eventually offer more sizes, including a 98-inch model. The TVs employ AI-powered upscaling technologies to enhance the image quality of lower resolution content. 

Gamers Get More Samsung Screen Options 

Samsung's Space Monitor employs a sleek industrial design with a choice of ergonomic adjustments, port access, and a hidden cable management system. The 27-inch Space Monitor offers a QHD resolution and the 32-inch model delivers a 4K resolution. 

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The other monitor Samsung introduced is the CRG9 49-inch gaming monitor. Engineered as a “hi-res super ultra-wide gaming monitor” offering a 32:9 aspect ratio, the monitor produces a 120Hz refresh rate with a 4ms response time. 

In addition, the CRG9 also features AMD Radeon FreeSync 2 technology to reduce stutter, screen tearing, and input latency to ensure the best possible gaming experience. 


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