Samsung Rolls Out Human-Centric LED Lighting Products

The big electronics manufacturer says its LM302N DAY and NITE HCL offerings can help the human body adjust melatonin levels.


Samsung is releasing its first package of what it calls “human-centric” LED lights that the company says can help make people feel more energetic or relaxed.

The HCL packages, which the South Korea-based electronics manufacturer is calling LM302N, are engineered with created light spectra that can allegedly help the human body adjust melatonin levels.

According to Samsung’s announcement, the lights now in mass production utilize precisely designed light spectra with optimized amounts of cyan to accommodate specific lighting needs at any given time.

Melatonin reacts to the cyan wavelength range of light, with brighter cyan-concentrated light leading to lower levels of melatonin.

That can increase concentration and alertness. On the flipside, a lower cyan light intensity can help promote a relaxing atmosphere, the company says.

The company is marketing the HCL LM302N DAY and NITE packages separately, but they can be combined into a single luminaire to help humans maintain their natural circadian rhythm.

DAY & NITE HCL Packages Available

The DAY package is marketed for a diverse range of indoor applications, including offices, schools, libraries and industrial sites to increase energy. The company did not specify what markets would be suitable for the NITE package, though they seem geared toward the residential wellness and HCL demand.

“The benefits of using Samsung’s LM302N reach beyond the basic lighting function of visual recognition, by improving the non-visual biological effects of lighting on people,” says Un Soo Kim, senior vice president of Samsung’s LED business team.

“Our LED solutions are ushering in a whole new human-oriented approach of using artificial lighting to enhance productivity and relaxation, benefiting modern-day indoor lifestyles.”

For installation, the company says the HCL lighting is standardized at 3×3mm, so they can fit in a wide range of lighting fixtures and are protected against humidity and heat.

Here’s how Samsung describes both DAY and NITE offerings:

The LM302N DAY can suppress the body’s melatonin level more than 18% below that of conventional LED lighting. Available in a variety of color temperatures from 3000K to 6500K.

The LM302N NITE can provide a proper level of brightness without hindering the release of melatonin, helping people to maintain the hormone level as if they were in a calm natural atmosphere at night. The body releases about 5% more melatonin under lights with the LM302N NITE packages than conventional LED packages, increasing relaxation.

This article originally appeared on our sister publication Commercial Integrator‘s website.