Protecting Clients’ Home Artwork with Museum-Level Sensors

New Magnetic Asset Protection (MAP) sensor from Art Guard allows integrators to add a layer of security detection to clients’ valued items. Sensor integrates with multiple security control panels.


Integrators' clients have a a wide range of valuables they want to secure in their home, from original paintings done by Renaissance masters to multi-million dollar statues to special family heirloom vases or urns with ashes of their loved ones. 

But once the thieves get into the home, what can you do to keep them from these valued items? Conventional intrusion security is only a first step in what should be a layered approach to protection.

Already used by museums, Art Guard is a system using a patented wireless sensor called Magnetic Asset Protection (MAP) now aimed for home use that protects nearly any individual stationary object, no matter the size. 

The MAP system consists of a wireless sensor that detects the movement of a tiny rare earth magnet, that can be attached in, on or under the object, whether seated or hanging.

Magnets come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and power to accommodate nearly any configuration or situation and can be affixed to an object with a harmless adhesive like museum wax. Both sensor and magnet are completely hidden from view. The sensor never touches the asset, eliminating any chance of damage from leaking batteries.

Once the MAP sensor recognizes the magnet and is enrolled in a control panel with a unique digital ID, any movement of either the magnet or the sensor triggers an alert to the panel and a customized response, whether an alarm, a call to the police or a cell phone, or a text to a mobile device. MAP transmits over 400 ft. to the control panel and this can be extended with inexpensive repeaters. Once MAP is enrolled in the system, trying to fool it by bringing another magnet into range will also trigger an alert.

MAP will work with a number of popular security control panels and systems, including Tyco (DSC, Qolsys), Honeywell, Interlogix (GE), Nortek Linear (2GIG), and Elk Products. Art Guard has also introduced its own MAP Wi-Fi system that can be managed completely from a mobile device. MAP sensors can be integrated into large facility access control systems, as well. 

For integrators with clients seeking that added layer of security for valued items, this could be a strong potential add-on sale.