ProjX360 Releases QuickBooks Integration, Previews Inventory Management Software

With the release of QuickBooks Desktop Integration, users can now see clients, products, proposals, and more all in one place.

ProjX360 Releases QuickBooks Integration, Previews Inventory Management Software

ProjX360's upcoming inventory management software will allow users to create purchase orders in two ways and track nine different warehouse stats.

ProjX360 has officially launched its new QuickBooks Desktop Integration function, allowing users to see clients, product, proposals, invoices, employees, time sheets, and suppliers all in one place. 

QuickBooks Desktop uses a “Web Connector” to help desktops communicate between the new software and ProjX360's cloud service. Users will need to install the Web Connector on the PC they intend to use QuickBooks on, which can be found here

Once downloaded, the software must sync between ProjX360 and QuickBooks via the Web Connector, which is described by ProjX360 as, “putting items into a mailbox that waits for the Web Connector to pick up the items for QuickBooks, and then the Web Connector itself leaves items in that same mailbox with the response from QuickBooks.”

The company says this way of processing data can cause users to have to sync some items a few times before all of the matches and items fully process. 

Inventory Management Preview 

In addition, ProjX360 also sent out a preview video of its unreleased Inventory Management capabilities. 

ProjX360's updated inventory management system has an improved purchase order portion enabling integrators to create one-of purchase orders that do not have to be tied to a proposal or project. 

While in the software, under the products section is a new inventory tab, which allows users to enter UPC codes and select inventory types (non-inventory, bulk, serial, or lot). 

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To create purchase orders, users can navigate to the proposals section and click “create new purchase order,” or go to the purchase orders tab and select the items they want to create a purchase order for, and the software will group them in an order.

Another new feature is the ability to create as many warehouses as desired, including dedicated truck/van warehouses. All warehouses automatically track various stats for users, including: 

  • Number of products 
  • Min warning 
  • Low stock number 
  • Stock 
  • Cost value of the warehouse
  • MSRP value of the warehouse
  • Last time a cycle count was done in the warehouse
  • Incoming transfers 
  • Outgoing transfers

According to ProjX360, its inventory management software is due out later this fall, although no concrete date has been provided.