Pakedge Wave 2 Access Point Supports 4K Streaming and VoIP

Combined with BakPak Lite, new Pakedge Wave 2 Access Point helps streamline deployment of multiple access points in network-heavy smart homes.

Pakedge Wave 2 Access Point Supports 4K Streaming and VoIP

The Pakedge WA-2200 Wave 2 Access Point with BakPak Lite from Control4 brand Pakedge is specially engineered to serve the network-intensive needs of homes with multiple access points.

It’s an all too common problem: too many wireless devices, not enough bandwidth. As new technologies emerge, the communications pipeline is bound to become even more congested. To preclude these issues and prepare homes to handle future wireless devices, Control4's Pakedge brand has released a new networking solution.

The Pakedge WA-2200 Wave 2 Access Point with BakPak Lite is equipped with a new high-performance chipset Control4 says delivers faster speeds, lower latency, and seamless roaming across a wireless network for applications including VoIP, 4K/HD video streaming, multiplayer gaming, and more. 

The company says the product has been engineered to support reliable network connectivity in homes and projects with a high concentration of access points.

With the inclusion of BakPak Lite cloud configuration, the WA-2200 Access Points can be set up both through a local user interface or remotely.

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Equipped with auto discovery of additional access points on the network, the WA-2200 streamlines registration and enables quick setup of multiple access points. The remote access feature delivered by BakPak Lite provides integrators with a way to monitor and manage the network 24/7.

Built-in RF scan, device monitoring, and analytics for fine-tuning and monitoring the network maximize peak performance for every connected device on the system.

Pakedge WA-2200 Includes New Security Features

Naturally, as more and more devices propagate a home’s wireless network the risk of security breaches increases. The WA-2200 employs new security features to safeguard customers by ensuring the access point is never left with a “default” username and password. security risk.

“With BakPak built-in to more and more Pakedge network devices, it’s easier than ever to remotely configure, monitor, and manage customers’ wireless networks,” says Charlie Kindel, Control4 senior vice president of Products and Services.

“The BakPak iOS or Android mobile app enables on-the-go network management for proactive customer service from anywhere”

The WA-2200 is the smallest of Pakedge’s access points and is available in on-ceiling and flush-mount in-ceiling designs for an MSRP of $460 and $590, respectively.

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