Onkyo Introduces Commercial Line of Amplifiers

Announced during CEDIA Expo 2018, the Onkyo Installation Line is designed to provide commercial spaces with enhanced ambient music options.

Onkyo Introduces Commercial Line of Amplifiers

An onboard DSP powers a 12-band EQ inside the Onkyo MCA1120 Mono Mixing Amplifier to allow for further customization.

Nearly one-third of all custom integrators' revenues are derived from commercial projects, so it's not surprising to see Onkyo USA announce its new Onkyo Installation line, aimed at commercial applications such as retail and small business to provide a flexible solution for ambient music.

The first two products, MCA1120 Mono Mixing Amplifier (MSRP $599) and the PCA1120 Mono Power Amplifier (MSRP $549), are scheduled for October and premiered last week at CEDIA Expo 2018.

“Our new Onkyo Installation series offers a flexible, ideal solution for the commercial sector,” says Joe Petrillo, COO of Onkyo USA. 

“Easy to set-up and manage, the new line is ideal for small and medium-sized installations such as restaurants, gyms, apparel stores and doctors’ offices that are looking to enhance the atmosphere of their locations.”

Onkyo Amps Offer Optimized EQ

The MCA1120 Mono Mixing Amplifier can handle a variety of content platforms including Bluetooth and a USB connection for charging, as well as a direct line-in for legacy systems such as CD players. 

The unit can power both 70V/100V and low-impedance speakers and comes with two microphone terminals that are supported by a microphone ducker, which automatically reduces and resumes background music when speaking.

An onboard DSP powers a 12-band EQ for further customization and can be combined with a variety of filters to optimize sound performance in any space. 

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The PCA1120 Power Amplifier can work in concert with the MCA1120 or as a stand-alone unit, and can also power both 70V/100V and low-impedance speakers. It also comes with a dedicated RCA in/out.

Up to 10 units can be daisy-chained together for larger spaces.

Both the MCA1120 and PCA1120 maximize the performance with optimized EQ settings tailored for popular commercial speakers and applications.

Onkyo USA plans to introduce additional Installation Line products such as speakers in the near future.