OneVision Video Q&A: Vastly Improved Culture, Customer Experience

Four leading integrators discuss how adopting OneVision Resources’ service program has dramatically improved internal company culture, boosted their client experience, and helped close contracts with new customers.


The next time you are scrambling to handle a service call that disrupts your entire installation schedule, think about these four integrators who each shared with CE Pro their experience since switching to the OneVision Resources’ service program.

OneVision Resources offers dealers a multi-tiered program that improves customer care and overall business operations by establishing a process to handle integrators’ service calls 24/7/365. In addition, the service opens the door for dealers to earn recurring monthly revenue (RMR) from their accounts. 

Major Culture Shift

“The change in culture we have had at Cantara is dramatic, and the relationship we have with our clients is very different,” comments Jason Voorhees, Cantara in Orange County, Calif. Voorhees says the service has eliminated that “panic” associated with getting phone calls on a Friday night from a client that affects your home life. In terms of cost, Cantara is cash-flow positive in its ability to offer its clients 24/7 support, according to Voorhees.

“I’ve got back my life, especially with my wife and kids.”

— Matt Walin, Brilliant AV

Matt Walin, Brilliant AV in Costa Mesa, Calif., agrees, saying, “They take care of my clients better than I was able to do. I’ve got back my life, especially with my wife and kids.”

Pat Mulligan, vice president and CTO of Pacific Audio & Communications in Hawaii, agrees, noting, “For us, [OneVision Resources] has been a life-saver on the service side. They have been able to alleviate about half of our service calls with basic phone support. It has really helped us streamline our processes, and made our install and field teams more efficient.”

“[OneVision] has pretty much given me my life back,’ bluntly remarks John Reynolds, service manager, Hermary’s in Northern California.

Differentiator in Market

At Cantara, Voorhees says the service program has helped the company close two major contracts. Walin says OneVision “has provided us with a differentiating, unique service experience” for his clients.

Mulligan says the service is “a big leg up” against his competition because Pacific Audio & Communications can respond to service calls 24/7/365.

OneVision RSM Guide: Domotz, Pakedge, Ihiji, OvrC

OneVision’s mission to implement scalable, sustainable, and profitable service strategies includes providing their Partners guidance on Remote Systems Management (RSM). Recognizing that this same guidance would be valuable to the industry at large, OneVision recently published “The Insider’s Guide to Remote Systems Management.”

From selecting the right platform to deployment best practices, OneVision sees RSM as a key component to providing an exceptional client service experience and improving operational efficiency. But with the increasing number of RSM choices on the market, many are struggling to select and properly implement this vital technology in their businesses.

That’s why OneVision worked directly with all four of the major RSM providers (Control4’s BakPak, Domotz, Ihiji, and SnapAV’s OvrC) to put together this manufacturer-approved guide. It is a free, comprehensive resource which explores all the features that define a modern RSM platform and provides readers with tools they need to perform their own objective comparison. 

The guide can be downloaded for free at