Luxul Announces Commercial-Grade AV Over IP Networking Lineup

On the bandwagon of hottest networking technologies around, Luxul unveils a line of gigabit switches for AV over IP installations.

Luxul Announces Commercial-Grade AV Over IP Networking Lineup

On tap for Infocomm 2019 in Orlando is the introduction of a line of gigabit switches from Luxul-- ripe for AV over IP installations.

As consumers’ appetite for 4K, 8K, faster networking speed and other bandwidth-intensive technologies continues to grow, AV over IP solutions have enjoyed a burst of popularity. Luxul is a company that’s helping bring AV over IP expand into new markets with a new line of gigabit switches. The products will be officially unveiled at InfoComm 2019, June 12-14, in Orlando, Fla.

“With the rise in popularity of AV over IP distribution, the network switch is now the matrix — but not just any switch will do,” says Brannon Young, Luxul's vice president of Business Development.

“A managed switch with QoS, VLAN, or IGMP support is usually required. Luxul managed switches support all three of these protocols, with the addition of full-speed backplanes to easily handle data traffic. They are perfect for classrooms, boardrooms, huddle rooms, and other professional environments, and we can't wait for attendees to see them in action at InfoComm.”

Although Young doesn’t mention the benefits of these products to residential installations, they are an option for smart homes with heavy networking use.

Luxul PoE+ Switches Features Self-Healing and Power Scheduling 

Luxul's newest 18-port/16 PoE+ L2/L3 AMS-1816P and 12-port/8 PoE+ XMS-1208P managed Gigabit switches feature Self-Healing with PoE Auto-Recovery and PoE Power Scheduling.

Similarly, Auto-Recovery allows the switch to power cycle unresponsive PoE devices, and Power Scheduling enables switch PoE ports to be turned on or off on a schedule.

For simple network expansion, the AMS-1816P is equipped with two Gigabit RJ-45 (one combo port and one dedicated) and two Gigabit SFP ports, while the XMS-1208P features two Gigabit RJ-45 uplink ports and two SFP ports.

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These features allow for high-speed interconnection between SFP-compatible Luxul switches and enable integrators to connect devices via Ethernet or fiber-optic cable.

Luxul's Self-Healing feature is also available on the company's 12-port/8 PoE+ AMS-1208P, 26-port/24 PoE+ stackable L2/L3 AMS-4424P, 26-port/24 PoE+ AMS-2624P, 26-port/24 PoE+ XMS-2624P, 52-port PoE+ L2/L3 XMS-5248P, and 52-port stackable L2/L3 XMS-7048P.

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