Just-Add-Power Talks Amazon Fire, Luxul Partnership, 4K over IP

In advance of ISE 2016, Just Add Power discusses new Ultra HDIP solutions for 4K over IP, a partnership with Luxul for robust home networks, and rack accessories for multiroom A/V.


Coming off of a successful CEDIA 2015 in the U.S., Just Add Power is taking its latest HD-over-IP solutions to Europe for ISE 2016 in Amsterdam next week. CE Pro caught up with the company in advance of the show.

What products are you introducing in Europe for the first time?

At ISE 2016 we’re introducing two new additions to our 3G Ultra HD over IP range of transmitters and receivers, which lets you matrix any combination of HDMI 2.0 / 4K HDCP 2.2, HDMI 1.4 / Full HD 1080p and earlier screens and sources.

The first new addition to the 3G range is the 3G+HIFI transmitter with local HDMI pass-through port for distributing 4K and lower resolution sources capable of outputting uncompressed multichannel audio formats, including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. This transmitter can be mixed and matched in the same network as the 3G+AVP transmitters, which can distribute 4K / HDCP 2.2 and lower content, as well as downmixing Dolby Digital 5.1 to 2-channel for stereo zones whilst retaining 5.1 in multichannel zones.

“At CEDIA we stayed true to our word and shipped 3G Ultra HD over IP right after the show ended.”

The second addition to the 3G range is a rackmount version of this 3G+AVP transmitter with three individual 3G+AVP transmitters built in to a 1U chassis.

In the A/V rack on our ISE stand you can also see the new Razor Shelf Accessory Device that lets you install 13 Just Add Power devices vertically in a row, providing better economy of the rack space that was previously possible on Just Add Power installs.

Finally at ISE 2016, we’re releasing our IR Dongle device — an RS232-to-IR converter that allows for full IR control of integrated sources and displays in any 2G/2G+ or 3G Just Add Power HDMI over IP install. The IR dongle works with all Just Add Power devices with serial ports, and reduces hardware costs associated with HDMI over IP installs, where previously extra control system hardware would have been necessary to deliver IR control.

What is the the significance of teaming up with Luxul for IT networks?

When using Just Add Power to create a 4K or 1080p HDMI video matrix, a Layer 3 Gigabit Managed Switch is needed. We wanted to recommend a quality brand of network switch for use with Just Add Power devices that addresses the needs of AV integrators specifically. That’s why we teamed up with Luxul. We worked closely with Luxul to develop their AV series of managed switches, which feature rear panel ports and front facing colour selectable LEDs. The entire range blends seamlessly in the rack with Just Add Power devices.

HANDS ON: Just Add Power 3G Ultra HDIP Includes Down-Conversion, Down-Mixing

Six models of Luxul Gigabit Managed switch are in our JAD Config software,  meaning that setting up a Just Add Power 3G Ultra HD over IP matrix (or an earlier generation 2G/2G+ matrix) is quick and easy with no advanced programming knowledge needed. Many Just Add Power distributors are also Luxul distributors, making the specification and implementation process easier than ever, with some distributors such as BlackWire Designs shipping Luxul switches that are pre-configured for the exact number of Just Add Power transmitters and receivers (inputs / outputs) that their dealers require.

It seems every dealer and manufacturer struggles with Amazon 4K Fire TV, but Just Add Power seems to have addressed some of the issues?

If trying to distribute the latest Amazon Fire TV, installers should not experience any unusual behavior if they use 3G Ultra HD over IP from Just Add Power. Following one of our dealers commenting on problems he was having in the field with this device, we purchased several for our labs. We figured out how to solve the dealer’s problem and we now understand the ins and outs of the Amazon Fire TV 4K box, and can give our dealers some tips on how to get the most out of this particular HDMI device.

What one question did you hear the most from dealers at CEDIA, and what was your response?

When we launched 3G Ultra HD over IP at CEDIA people asked, “Wow, when is this shipping?”

In our industry a lot of manufacturers announce their newest products at shows but then expect their dealers to wait months, sometimes even a year before they can get their hands on it. Our response at CEDIA was: “3G Ultra HD over IP will be shipping immediately after the show and it’ll be able to handle every current 4K HDMI device on the market, scale it down to 1080p for HDMI 1.4 screens, and enable your client to watch it on every screen on their home without experiencing HDCP errors.”

At CEDIA we stayed true to our word and shipped 3G Ultra HD over IP right after the show ended. As Joe Whitaker’s review for CEPro recently said, you can throw everything and the kitchen sink at 3G Ultra HD over IP. Providing you’ve got a proper setup and quality installation, you’ll struggle to make this IP-based 4K video distribution system fail.

This commitment to shipping when announced remains true for the new 3G+AVP Rackmount Transmitter and the 3G+HIFI Transmitter being launched at ISE.  They are both available for shipment immediately after the show, along with the Razor shelf and the IR Dongle.