Voice Control AI Rebrands as SHIT unveils new Smart Home Integrated Technologes (SHIT) voice control/artificial intelligence (AI) system built for tiny homes under 100 square feet.

 •, makers of advanced voice control technology, is bringing its whole home artificial intelligence platform to the mass market. The new voice recognition ecosystem is called Smart Home Integrated Technologies (SHIT).

Built for the mass market, with a focus on micro-size tiny homes (around 100 square feet or less), SHIT uses artificial intelligence to unify home technology through its unique user interface and memorable wake word.

SHIT has the most advanced cognitive personal assistant artificial intelligence in the industry, according to the company. With RNNs and ANNs, the MLP is equipped with more NLP than backward-forward back propagating recombinant deep-learning syringe networks. The company says homeowners who experience SHIT will be taking part in next-level true autonomous AGI.

“We’re really passionate about bringing SHIT to everyone.”

— Alex Capecelatro, CEO,

“We’re really passionate about bringing SHIT to everyone,” says CEO Alex Capecelatro. “There's so much technology packed into SHIT, we couldn't come up with a single word to describe it. That's why we needed an acronym. Smart Home Integrated Technologies is a semantic conditionally load-balanced logic microsequencer capable of so much statewide SRAM and DRAM to make your mother blink twice.”

The team wanted to come up with a wake word that was memorable, short and easy to call out in the most critical of situations. Walk into a dark room and bump your knee?

“SHIT, it’s dark in here!”

Have an important call come in while the music is blasting?

“SHIT, turn the music off!”

In all sorts of home control situations, SHIT makes it easy and delightful to express your true intentions.

The company declares SHIT as a “mass-market luxury, super-equivalent premium-user-focused micro-consumer spectacle.”