Listen Up! Is Not Just Voice Control; Changes Its Pricing Structure alters pricing structure for its whole-house control system to permit 25% down with 5-year monthly software license fee. Plug-and-play system is not just add-on voice control.

 • is not just an add-on voice component like Amazon Alexa, it is a full control system that goes toe-to-toe with all the other whole-house control systems on the market,” emphatically says Nader Dajani, head of business development at the company.

Well, the message is finally being ‘heard.’

The Denver-based company has unveiled a new pricing structure for its control system. Dealers can buy the system outright under the Ruby plan, or they can pay 25 percent down with a monthly software licensing fee for a five-year, full-service upgraded warranty plan. (Dealer pricing is in the five-figures.)

The plug-and-play control system requires no wiring and no IP addresses, according to Dajani. “There are no specific technical network requirements other than you don’t want to run it over a cheap router.” That is not a problem since mostly high-end integrators are installing and replacing the home network.

According to Dajani, the voice control portion of has several advantages over Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Siri, including:

  • It does not require a “wake” word like “Alexa” or “Hey Google.”
  • It can string together multiple complex commands. A homeowner can ask Josh to “turn on the lights and dim them to 50 percent, lower the shades and my play my surf rock radio station” all in one command.
  • It is designed for large, high-end homes. was not designed as a single-room solution. According to Dajani, it was one of the first to market with dynamic voice control, which is probably why the product was mistakenly pigeonholed as purely a voice control system.

Robert Costanza, president of RVC Systems Inc. in San Jose, Calif., is a fan.

“My experience with has been fantastic, from installing/programming to tech support. The team at flew out to meet me in person. They delivered the unit and gave me training on the product. I was then able to install the unit in the client’s home, program it, test and have it all working in under 30 minutes. I’ve never installed and programmed a system on the control/integration side so easily,” he notes.

“It doesn’t matter how long it takes or how easy it is to install or setup a product if it’s not reliable and easy for the client to use. nails both. After giving the client a walkthrough of the smartphone app, the client was controlling the system as if he had been using it for years. I also showed the client how to log into the system through his computer to make programming changes and before I knew it, he had already created additional scenes, schedules and zones,” he explains.

Even though the system has voice control, it also works with Amazon Echo/Alexa and Google Home. Constanza says the system simply “sits on the network and ties everything together into a nice smartphone interface that’s easy to use while also giving you the additional ability of voice control,” he adds.

The company will be offering a course entitled “Integrating Voice Control for the Whole Home” at the upcoming Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) trade show in Amsterdam in February.

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