New Josh Ultra from is ‘Super exclusive, kind of a big deal’

Other high-end home-automation systems can do voice control, but can they deliver THIS when you’re THERE? We think not. Josh Ultra is available April 1.


For the anti-do-it-yourselfer, introduces Josh Ultra, a high-end, voice-controllable home automation system that can control lights, thermostats, motorized shades, audio/video and other smart-home gear … and beat you at ping pong. Or let you win. Whatever you command.

The Josh Ultra Advantage:

  • Josh Ultra (w/ White Glove & Red Carpet)
  • 1 Gold Crown
  • 1 Peasant Whip
  • Unlimited Sense of Entitlement
  • Industry Leading Butler Training
  • 2 Year Live-In Butler
  • Free Wardrobe Changes
  • Personalized Room Service
  • 24/7 Attendance at Properties
  • Real Human User Interface

Check out video above.

Available April 1, 2018