Using Landscape Speakers to Open a Revenue Stream

CE Pro 100 integrator Maverick Integration in Nashua, N.H., uses James Loudspeaker landscape line, as well as custom one-offs, to find success in outdoor audio.

When a product helps open up an entirely new revenue stream, that is a special occasion. That’s exactly what happened back in 2006 when Maverick Integration in Nashua, N.H., first started using James Loudspeaker’s landscape series of speakers.

“Before that, we were just sticking speakers on the side of the house,” says Dennis Jaques, president of Maverick Integration, which is the No. 12 company on the CE Pro 100 with more than $14 million in revenue with approximately 60 employees.

The James Loudspeaker line enabled the company to expand its outdoor audio deployments to include spreading speakers throughout an entire property, and the outdoor audio market “has flourished ever since” for the company, according to Jaques.

From that point on, Maverick Integration has been able to install 70V speakers for its customers. Jaques says 70V speakers are easy to scale depending on the size of the project, but one of his favorite elements is the ability to bury the subwoofer unobstrusively in the terrain.

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“You didn’t have to see it but the performance is there. All you see is a little mushroom cap hidden in the landscape,” he says. “And the finishes are metal, so it is something of quality. It doesn’t look like a piece of plastic in the yard, or look like it is a secondary thought. It is done well.”

James Loudspeaker’s ability to design and construct custom one-off solutions is also a service the Maverick Integration has found valuable.

“You can get on the phone with an engineer. It’s not like some of the other companies where you are asking them to do it, and maybe they will do it in the future,” says Jaques.

He uses as an example that he can call the company and ask for a spoke-style speaker with specific dimensions and James will not only do it, but add performance enhancements.

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