iPoint Adds 149 Features to its Business Management Platform

Business managers can set up, assign and track sales staff commissions. The system also calculates and tracks commission payments.

iPoint Adds 149 Features to its Business Management Platform

A new Advanced Commissions System within the iPoint business management platform lets you track, report, and pay commissions to your sales team more efficiently.

The iPoint business management platform is always being refined and enhanced to provide integrators with an effective and efficient business operations tool. But the most recent system overhaul was its biggest, including 149 new features, updates, and bug squashes.

One of the most notable additions to the platform is an advanced commissions system.

The Advanced Commissions feature allows members to set up multiple commission schedules that can be assigned to individual sales staff. iPoint will calculate the commission due to a salesperson based on the individual or sale.

Members can then use iPoint to view commission reports, and track commission payments.

“Every salesperson has their rate and schedule,” explains Sara Huffine at Smart Systems Chattanooga in Tennessee, “and then we pay commissions based on estimated profit once payment is received.”

Huffine says that they use to track commissions manually and used an excel spreadsheet. They started implementing commissions as a beta feature, and now use the feature regularly as a part of payroll.

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“It’s nice that it is all there, and I don’t have to calculate it manually anymore. I can simply run the report and it’s just there,” adds Susan Sauter from Digital Lifestyles, Calgary.

Commissions tracking inside iPoint can be set up with different schedules such as a flat percent schedule for gross or profit, or a tiered schedule, based on margin. In the new reports, community members can view and track combined commission records, payments, and transactions.

Digital Lifestyles employs a flat percentage of profit with different percentages for parts and labor.

Through iPoint the company tracks the payments and prints the paid report to give to the team with their commission check.

“It’s helpful for the staff too so they can really see how their margin was,” Sauter says.

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