IC Realtime’s Ella Video Search Engine Gets Smart Timelapse: ‘Show People & Cars’

Instead of accelerating an entire library of video surveillance, IC Realtime’s Ella engine can create timelapse videos based on search queries.

IC Realtime’s Ella Video Search Engine Gets Smart Timelapse: ‘Show People & Cars’

IC Realtime's Ella video search engine can create a timelapse video based on text or spoken queries like "people and cars, January 25 to February 1."

IC Realtime, a popular provider of video-surveillance systems for the home-technology channel, has added timelapse functionality to its new Ella deep-learning search engine.

Introduced earlier this year, Ella is an AI platform that can search video surveillance for people, things, colors, text, events and other parameters and present the findings in a grid for review. Today, IC Realtime announces a new feature that allows Ella to present those findings in a single time-lapse video.

Using Ella's natural-language processing, users can create a timelapse video of a specified time period and/or a specific search query, for example: “white truck January 1 – January 30.”


Within the Ella web app, clicking “Create time-lapse” will trigger Ella to compile all relevant clips into one time-lapse video which is emailed directly to the user.

Available now for Ella users, the time-lapse video compiler tool can capture images from a single camera or multiple cameras and viewpoints, as specified by the user. 

In the video below, IC Realtime's OEM partner Camio shows a timelapse of an entire week's worth of video compiled into a one-minute segment based on the query “people and cars.”

Customers can “request and generate time-lapse videos within seconds and customize those timelapse videos to narrow down the results down to very specific objects, colors, vehicles, or user-created zones,” says IC Realtime CEO Matt Sailor.

He sees interesting opportunities in places like construction sites to “ensure personnel safety but also … to create easy-to-view time-lapse videos that showcase job-site progress or start-to-finish projects.”

Ella works with both existing DIY and professionally installed  security cameras that output H.264 RTSP video streams. The system employs an on-premise gateway device that processes video locally, and a cloud platform that provides analytics. A three-stream 1080p box retails for less than $200, and a 10-stream box retails for less than $700.

Ella subscription prices starts at $6.99 per month and increases with storage and analysis features needed for the particular scope of each project. Subscriptions that include search and analytics start at about $12 per month. The timelapse creation tool can be used by all users for a “minimal on-demand fee” that will be added on a per-use basis to the user’s monthly subscription cost.