Honeywell’s Engineering Prowess on Display at ISC West

Honeywell showcases its new Lyric smart home control line, along with the DIY RSI Dragonfly intrusion system. Meanwhile, a slew of commercial fire, communications and video products were also shown.


The engineers at Honeywell Security must be working overtime. In what could be described as a marvel of engineering, the company used its mammoth booth presence at ISC West 2016 in Las Vegas to showcase a slew of products, ranging from home automation to alarm communications radios to third-party integration.

Residential Products Led by Lyric

First and foremost, integrators got to see the much-anticipated Honeywell Lyric Security and Home Control System and SiX Two-Way Wireless Technology. The integrated security system consists of the Lyric Controller, Lyric Keypad, SiX Two-way Wireless Technology and the AlarmNet 360 dealer management platform. Featuring awareness cameras, motion, smoke and intruder detectors, Lyric integrates a range of home automation products into one platform. The system’s SiX sensor technology uses two-way wireless communication to help dealers better serve customers by aiding them in increasing their operational efficiencies. For example, the sensors remotely send information such as battery life, signal strength and temperature to AlarmNet, allowing service managers to troubleshoot any issues.

The system also has a voice-control module that Honeywell demonstrated in its Connected Home booth. According to Inder Reddy, general manager, Intrusion and Residential Solutions, Honeywell Security and Fire, the company is seeking to broaden use of the line outside of its Honeywell Connect corps of dealers.

“We want to try to find any security dealers who have an aptitude to sell more than just security. We have created a Lyric Certified Dealer Program that includes rigorous online and in-person training and certification,” he says. Reddy noted how Lyric was developed with lots of feedback from consumers so the different functions are in line with their expectations. Near the top of that list was the ability for the product to interact with equipment from other manufacturers, which was one of the elements showcased at the expo. 

Also showcased at the show is the CDMA-L3 radio, Honeywell’s second in a series of alarm communications radios compatible with Verizon 1XRTT technology, gives security dealers more options to expand their businesses in alternative cellular coverage areas. The CDMA-L3 radio is the first to be compatible with LYNX 3000 security systems and transmits alarm signals for fire, burglary and status messages. The CDMA-L3 radio is pre-activated and remotely upgradable, streamlining the installation process and reducing maintenance costs. Through Verizon’s Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology, the radio is activated in all of the carrier’s coverage areas, providing security dealers an opportunity to earn additional recurring monthly revenue (RMR) with Honeywell Total Connect.

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Honeywell also showed how its Total Connect remote service is now compatible with several third-party products, including the SkyBell smart video doorbell, and the August Smart Lock, enabling end-users to lock and unlock their August Smart Lock through the Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 app.

Also, Honeywell showcased its 5800CAMIR, which combines two devices – a passive infrared (PIR) motion detector and a still camera – into a single unit for customers who use Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services. The device reduces hardware costs and installation time, and creates opportunity for new streams of recurring monthly revenue for dealers. The 5800CAMIR works with LYNX 5210 and 7000 and is compatible with video alarm verification service I-View Now, a cloud-based interface that enables central station monitors to verify alarm events.

To make sure the signals get through, Honeywell’s new AlarmNet 360 cloud-based management platform helps dealers and central stations simplify account management and streamline installations. The platform works with Lyric, LYNX Touch 5200 and 7000 series and Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services to set up customer profiles, register communicators, program control systems, and facilitate remote connectivity on computers and mobile devices—helping to reduce truck rolls. AlarmNet 360 provides reports and analytics on customers using the security technology, which can be used to identify trends and improve offers.

Lastly, the RSI Videofied Outdoor MotionViewer is a wireless, battery-operated camera designed to protect outdoor residential and commercial installations. Consisting of a digital camera, passive infrared motion detector and a spread spectrum S2View radio module, each detector transmits a check-in signal every eight minutes to the alarm panel in order to continuously monitor its surroundings. Upon detecting an intruder, the MotionViewer records a short video clip and transmits it to the control panel – aiding in faster police response and reduced losses. The MotionViewer is powered by four lithium batteries for a typical battery life of four years or more, depending on the activity of the detector, and is fully weatherproof, withstanding temperatures from -4⁰ to 140⁰ Fahrenheit.

DIY Offering with RSI Dragonfly

Recognizing the rise of DIY security, Honeywell’s RSI Dragonfly Security System is a self-installed but professionally monitored security system. Users can set up professional-grade security systems in their homes and customize kits with both indoor and outdoor cameras. The alarms are programmed with video alarm verification so users can see events in real time and take action through an app on their smartphones.

After viewing a video clip, the user can select dispatch-on-demand, dismiss the alarm or disarm the system from the DragonFly app. The app can also capture a still image or video through a look-in feature. Users can add family members, trusted neighbors and friends to their systems as “Followers” to receive video alerts, be provided with customized permissions to arm and dispatch authorities. For integrators, Dragonfly could become a sellable option to reach clients they would otherwise normally not get.

Commercial and Security Video, Cloud Offerings

On the commercial applications front, the company’s Vindicator with Pro-Watch 4.2 security technology protects critical infrastructure by combining interior and perimeter intrusion, video, access control and fire systems into one single user interface. Vindicator technology is flexible, scalable and can be customized to protect a single site or across multiple facilities. This critical level of security is often required by government and military installations, industrial facilities, utilities and many correctional institutions. Vindicator integrates with Pro-Watch 4.2 for streamlined management of wireless access control.

Meanwhile, the MAXPRO Cloud is an integrated, cloud-based video and access management system that enables organizations to significantly streamline multi-site management. The system features a single sign-on, an integrated business analytics system built directly within the cloud system and custom remote management options. The system’s scalability makes it applicable to a wide range of applications, from a campus of two buildings to a multi-national franchise. Users can view live or recorded video from a computer or mobile device, and can export and email snapshots or clips.

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Specific to video surveillance, Honeywell’s Performance Series is a lineup of analog and IP cameras, DVRs, and NVRs that provide a variety of video surveillance solutions for commercial settings such as office buildings, retail stores and warehouses. The series has multiple indoor and outdoor video surveillance products, including indoor mini domes, rugged ball cameras, mini domes and bullet cameras. It is also supported by Honeywell's three-year warranty and the 365 Swap for returns and exchanges on qualifying products.

For extreme high-end security applications, the Xtralis ADPRO PRO E-45H Passive Infrared (PIR) Detector provides defense-grade perimeter protection and surveillance for a variety of commercial security environments and is the longest range detector in the industry. The new intrusion detector can be mounted on a wall or pole, and is designed to provide nearly 360-degree video surveillance. The 360PROtect technology eliminates creep zones and saves installation costs due to reduced detectors, poles and cabling needed for comprehensive surveillance. Ideal for outdoor environments, the advanced 3D-tamper detection also detects attempted removal from the mounting surface and signals an alarm if the detector alignment is altered.

Lastly, the ADPRO iFT with XOa 3 by Xtralis is a remotely programmable NVR and management tool for multisite monitoring and threat detection. It offers remote monitoring features such as arming and disarming, video recording, analytics and an open platform that integrates with third-party software. The platform also integrates with the XOa 3 SecurityPlus Remote Programmable Operating System, allowing security guards to expand their surveillance capabilities through additional features such as smoke verification, building management and business intelligence.

Commercial Fire Options

With regard to commercial fire detection equipment, Honeywell Fire-Lite Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology (SWIFT) 2.0 has added a new wireless relay module to the SWIFT line of devices. This relay module includes additional features such as the ability to activate a remote power supply and NAC expander, conduct elevator recall or power shutdown, and trigger door holders. SWIFT is a Class A commercial fire system that is completely wireless, saving time and costs for dealers during installations.

Lastly, the System Sensor WFDN Waterflow Detector series now incorporates a new timer dial with a built-in time delay that minimizes the risk of false alarms due to pressure surges or air trapped in the fire sprinkler system. This feature includes a large timer with high-contrast, pad-printed markings to aid setting in dimly lit or hard-to-reach locations. The entire series is compatible with a variety of different steel pipe sizes and can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical position.