FIBBR 4-in-1 HDMI Cable Supports Next Gen 8K Video Signals

At CES 2019, the fiber-optic cabling company FIBBR will show its new 4-in-1 HDMI cable that is capable of supporting resolutions as high as 8K.


With the consumer video market already starting the transition from 4K to 8K video, the introduction of the new, slim profile FIBBR 4-in-1 HDMI cable couldn't come at a more perfect time. 

“As a tier one manufacturer, we have the internal resources to quicly adapt to the changing specifications,” notes Joe Zhang, product manager, FIBBR

“There will always be early adopters and the display manufacturers will keep innovation to satisfy that need. We have created the 4-in-1 cable as a reliable solution for the high bandwidth required for these new 8K TVs with multiple inputs, while keeping the customers sensitivity of clean design in mind. Our new model with a single cable slim design with a 7mm diameter allows it to easily fit in a wide variety of installations.”

FIBBR 8K Ultra8K Cable Provides System Flexibility

In addition to the introduction of the slim-profile, 7mm 4-in-1 8K HDMI cable, FIBBR is also debuting its Ultra8K model for products that can accept a single input/output. 

The new 8K-HDR fiber optic HDMI cable is said to support Ultra High Speed formats with up to 48Gbps of throughput, and to help ensure its build quality, the cable is made with high-quality glass fibers from YOFC, one of the largest producers of glass fibers in the world. 

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The Ultra8K and the 4-in-1 incorporate the company's BendRobust technology allowing the fiber-cable products to bend up to 180 degrees to provide integrators a choice of durable cabling solutions usable in extreme conditions. 

Moreover, the company says that not only do the cables' bend radius benefit custom installation scenarios, they are also easy to work with due to the fact that fiber cable products are up to 60 percent lighter than traditional copper cables. 

The cables' lightweight nature means they are less stressful on connected source products and displays, which helps the cables contribute to systems that are more reliable in the long term. 

FIBBR is taking part in the CES 2019 trade show in Las Vegas on Jan. 8-11 in the HDMI Forum booth (#20208 South Hall).


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