#TBT: Creating a Dazzling Dome Display Using 4 Projectors

In this edition of Throwback Thursday, see how with home used projectors, lights and control, DSI created a 35-foot-wide ceiling dome that displays images from abstract color patterns to clouds to blazing sunsets.


In this week’s Throwback Thursday, CE Pro goes back to October of 2012.

From the outside, the signature dome at the Montage Beverly Hills hotel appears as a beautifully gilded architectural detail.

Inside, it’s a different story.

Using a unique system of projectors, lights and control, the 35-foot-wide ceiling dome displays images from abstract color patterns to swirling images of clouds to blazing sunsets.

The owner, who purchased the renovated 4,500-square-foot pad on the upper floor of the 201-room hotel, “challenged us to come up with some way to really set [the dome] off,” says DSI Entertainment Systems’ Josh Christian. “He wanted a real ‘wow’ factor for his house.”

DSI worked with a firm that specializes in “edge blending” multiple projected images to appear as one. Four business-grade video projectors cover the dome’s curved surface – each is mounted in a recessed pocket at the base of the dome and connected to its own networked computer.

DSI tied the projection system to a Crestron control system. From either a wireless or in-wall touchpanel, the owner can scroll to the “dome” page to access Blu-ray, Apple TV and computers, where dozens of artistic still images are stored.

An onyx fireplace mantel complements the design, having been fitted on the backside with colored LED lights that can change at the touch of a button. Again, DSI programmed several presets into the Crestron system so all the owner has to do it touch a RED, GREEN, BLUE, FLASH, STROBE or FADE button to turn the mantel into a piece of art.

There’s a 65-inch Samsung TV over the mantel for more conventional forms of entertainment, but Christian admits that’s usually the last thing the owner turns on when his friends come over. “Imagine having cocktails while the ceiling and fi replace mantel shift colors and images,” he says. “Creating a unique visual ambiance was what this room and project was all about.”

Also, control over motorized window shades, surveillance cameras, thermostats, a whole-house audio distribution system and a Vantage lighting control system are unified under the Crestron Pro2 controller. It receives commands via wireless and hardwired communications from keypads, touchpanels, iPads and other devices. Plus, it’s IP-based, so a user can access and interact with the system remotely from a mobile device.

Equipment List
2 MTX-3 Crestron 2.8” Handheld Wireless Touchpanel
2 CEN-RFGW-EX-PWE Crestron infiNET EX-Gateway with Power Injector (MTX-3)
2 C2N-DBF12 Crestron Decorator Series 12 Button Decora Style Keypad (Specify Color)
4 VP65R Sonance 92515 Visual Performance Series InCeiling Speakers(Pair)
2 VP45R Sonance 92505 Visual Performance Series InCeiling Speakers(Pair)
3 VP85R Sonance 92525 Visual Performance Series InCeiling Speakers(Pair)
4 TPS-6X Crestron Isys 5.7” Wireless Color Touch Panel
4 CEN-HPRFGW Crestron High Performance RF Gateway (TPS-6X)
1 UN-22C4000 Samsung 22” High Definition LED Display
1 ProMounts UR-PRO200 Super Flat Wall Mount
5 VP65R Sonance 92515 Visual Performance Series InCeiling Speakers(Pair)
3 TPS-6L Crestron 5.7” Wall Mount Color Touch Panel (Specify Color)
3 WMKT-6L Crestron Drywall Mounting Kit for TPS-6L
1 PL-67 LCR James Loudspeaker Custom Main Speaker System(Specify Size & Mounting)
2 Gallo Loudspeakers A’Diva
1 210SDXP James Loudspeaker Concerto SDX Series Inwall Subwoofer System (each)
1 Samsung PN638000 Plasma 1080-3D
1 UT-PRO310 ProMounts Tilting Wall Mount for Large Flat Panel(Black)
1 DTR-50.2 Integra 7.2 THX Select Network A/V Receiver (Located at the Head-end)
1 Audyssey License Audyssey Multi-EQ Calibration License
2 Custom Order Sennheiser RS170 Wireless Headphones
2 CEN-IDOCV-x-S Crestron Interface for Apple iPod W/Video (Specify Color), Requires PWE-4803RU or equivalent PoE power source
2 PWE-4803RU Crestron Universal Power Injector
2 ABAR-1 Crestron Balanced Audio Receiver for Audio Distribution
1 Seura 52” LCD in 56-80” Wide or Tall x 36-50” Wide or Tall Mirror (Premier Line)
1 TPMC-3X Crestron 2.8” Handheld WiFi Touchpanel
1 SonicPointN-W/POI SonicWall Dual Band Access Point W/Power Injector
1 Sonance VP65 Extreme Loudspeakers – 92751
1 Sonance VP65 Extreme Single Stereo – 92753
2 SEURA Seura Hydra Television – Onyx Black 19” – S-R-1913-19.1-HY.1-BL
1 Key Digital KD-HDDA1x2 1 to 2 Channel HDMI/DVI Distribution Amplfier
1 KD-HDP3X Key Digital Full 1080p HDMI Cable (3 Feet)
1 KD-HDP40X Key Digital Full 1080p HDMI Cable (40 Feet)
1 WMKT-6L Crestron Drywall Mounting Kit for TPS-6L
1 Engraving_Plate Crestron Plate Type Engraving TPS-4L,TPS-6L,TPMC-8L,TPS-6X
1 WPR-48 Crestron Water-resistant 1-Way RF/IR Handheld Remote
1 CNRFGWA-418 Crestron 1-Way RF Receiver/Gateway, 418 MHz
1 DM-MD8x8 Crestron 8×8 Digital Media Switcher Requires DMC Series Input/Output Cards
3 DMC-HD-DSP Crestron HDMI Input Card W/DSP for Digital Media Switchers
4 DMC-VID-RCA-A Crestron RCA Analog Video/Audio Input Card for Digital Media Switchers
1 Crestron DM CAT Input Card w/ DSP for DM Switchers (DMC-CAT-DSP)
2 DMCO-22 Crestron Output Card for DM-MD8X8, provides 4 DM CAT w/2 HDMI Outputs
1 Crestron DigitalMedia CAT Transmitter 100 (DM-TX-100)
8 DM-RMC-100 Crestron Digital Media Room Controller
1 DM-CONN-20 Crestron Digital Media Cable Connector (20 Pack)
16 KD-HDR6NF Key Digital Full 1080p HDMI Cable (6 Feet)
1 AutoPatch AutoPatch Precis LT – FGP37-0408-A43 – 4×8 Component Video Switcher
2 AAE Crestron Adagio Series Audio Expander 10 Source x 6 Room
1875D SE. Sonance 92804 75 Watt 8 Channel Digital Amplifier
1 ABAR-1 Crestron Balanced Audio Receiver for Audio Distribution
5 CHV-TSTATW Crestron Heating and Cooling Thermostat, White Faceplate
1 PRO2 Crestron Professional Dual Bus Control System.
1 C2ENET-1 Crestron Single Port 10/100 Ethernet Card
1 C2N-SPWS300 Crestron External Cresnet Power Supply, 300 Watt
3 CNTBLOCK Crestron Cresnet Distribution Block
2 Elite-20PFI Furman Sound 20Amp Ultra Linear AC Power Conditioner
1 AP7900 APC 8 Outlet Data Controlled Networked Power Switch
1 MB189LL/A Apple TV Digital Media Server 160GB
1 Custom Order LG BD590 – Blu-Ray disc player / digital multimedia receiver
2 AVDA3 Niles Audio/Video Distribution Amplifier
7 MUX500009 Muxlab Video to CAT5 Balun
4 ICA Custom RS232 Cabling
1 DSI-1RU Liberty Wire Panel Crafters CB5R1 Customized 1 Space Rack Panel
2 5-37 Middle Atlantic Slim-5 Knock Down 37SP, 20” DP
1 DSI-1RU Liberty Wire Panel Crafters CB5R1 Customized 1 Space Rack Panel
1 Cool Cube Active Thermal Management Cool Cube (2”, 3” or 4” Tubing)
2 LBP-1R Middle Atlantic 10 Pack Round Lacing Bars
1 LBP-1R4 Middle Atlantic Round Lacing Bar w/ 4” Offset (10 Pack)
2 HS Middle Atlantic 100PC 10-32 Square Drive Screw
3 VTP-1 Middle Atlantic 1 Space Slotted Vent Panel
7 HBL-1 Middle Atlantic 1 Space Brushed Aluminum Blank Panel
1 RSH4A Middle Atlantic Custom Rack Shelf w/ Anodized Brushed Black Finish (Apple TV)
1 RSH4A Middle Atlantic Custom Rack Shelf w/ Anodized Brushed Black Finish (LG BD590)
1 RSH4A Middle Atlantic Custom Rack Shelf w/ Anodized Brushed Black Finish (Slingmedia, Specify Model)
1 IRK-180-4 Integra Rackmount Kit for DTR-50.1,DTR-70.1,DTR-80.1 & DHC-80.1
1 RMK-5U Crestron 5 Space Rack Shelf for Adagio AES
2 RMK-4U Crestron 4 Space Rack Shelf for Adagio AADS/AAE
1 C2N-RMAK Crestron Rack Mount Kit for C2N-SPWS300 Power Supply
1 SUA750RM2U APC Smart-UPS 750VA W/USB & Serial Ports Rackmountable
1 NSA 240 SonicWall Unified Threat Management Appliance
1 5448 Dell PowerConnect 48 Port Managed Gigabit Switch
2 2808 Dell 8 Port 10/100/1000 Ethernet Switch
1 49255-H48 Leviton 49255-H48 48 Port Patch Panel
48 QPCAT6 Leviton 61110-R*6 8 Conductor Extreme 6+ Connector
40 NET6PATCH 5’ Installers Depot Cat 6 Network Patch Cable(5 Feet)
1 SonicPointN-W/POI SonicWall Dual Band Access Point W/Power Injector
1 KX-TDA50G Panasonic Hybrid IP-PBX System, Includes Caller ID Card
1 KX-TDA5172 Panasonic 8 Port Digital Extension Card
3 KX-T0155 Panasonic DECT 2 Channel Cell Station
8 KX-DT343-B Panasonic Phone 3-Line LCD W/Backlit 24 CO Keys,DXDP (BLACK)
8 Overlay DESI Telephone Overlay (each)
3 KX-TD7685 Panasonic DECT Multi-Cell Wireless Handset
1 BH500NET APC 4 Outlet Network Manageable Battery Backup System
1 GB183A1 Allen Tel Telephone Half Module Blue Backboard
1 66M1Block Siemens Standard Punch Block
1 66M2Block Siemens Standard Punch Block w/ Dual Male Amphenol Connectors
2 66MC4 Siemens Clear Cover for 66 Series Punchblock
2 Octopus Channel Vision C-0498 12 Leg Octopus female Connector
150 14/4C-EX Liberty Wire 14 Gauge 4 Conductor Extra flex Cable
300 22-04/OS ICE 22 Gauge, 4 Conductor Overall Shielded w/Drain
1,500 CAT 6 Liberty Wire Category 6 High Performance Data Cable
75 RGB3C Liberty RGB3C-20-CMR RGB Component Video Structured Cable
700 CRESCAT- Liberty Wire LLINX-CR Universal Control/Data Cable
600 DM-CBL-NP-SP500 Crestron Digital Media Control Cable
600 CRESNET Liberty Wire LLINX-U Universal Control Cable

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