Da-Lite Parallax 2.3 Screen a Real Problem Solver

Da-Lite showcases its problem-solving home theater screen at the Legrand booth; works for just about any viewing environment.


Home theater environments are rarely ideal. Whether there’s too much light, not enough room, or a projector with a weak light output, there can be several hurdles to jump. At the 2018 CEDIA Expo, Da-Lite, a Legrand company, showcased its Parallax 2.3 screen, as a solution to some of the common challenges encountered.

For starters, the screen features a high gain (2.3) surface and boasts a gradual brightness drop off so images remain crisp and bright even when viewed on the side.

This means that projectors of low light output are suitable. According to a statement from Da-Lite, the Parallax 2.3 can pair with projectors that output between 1,500 and 2,500 lumens in screen sizes up to 94 inches diagonal.

You can add this screen to homes that might already have a legacy projector or complement it with a new laser projector—the Parallax 2.3 can also work with projectors that output between 2,500 and 5,000 lumens in sizes between 100 and 200 inches diagonal.

Second, the screen features ambient light-rejecting technology (ALR), enabling it to maintain clarity and brightness in rooms with a lot of natural and artificial light.

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Made up of multiple micro-layers, it can achieve 96 percent ambient light blocking and a viewing cone of 46 degrees. Some layers absorb light while others block light.

Third, the screen appeals to homeowners seeking a greener footprint.

Da-Lite sources materials for its screens from regional vendors, and like all of its screen surfaces, the Parallax 2.3 is Greenguard Gold certified. It is also eligible for the Screen Green program, which allows customers to send in old surfaces to be recycled. The Da-Lite facility is 100 percent landfill-free.

The only aspect of the Parallax 2.3 that is less accommodating is its mounting options. This is a fixed frame design, typically intended for large-scale installations.

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