Control4 ‘Unapologetic’ About Integrator Channel Dedication

Control4 reiterates at CEDIA Expo 2018 that quality smart home can only be delivered via custom installation channel.


To say Control4 (NASDAQ: CTRL) has been busy the past year would be an understatement. The company and its smart home control solutions have become the darlings of Wall Street, while racking up a slew of awards, including nine 2018 CE Pro Quest for Quality Awards and several top rankings in the 2018 CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis Study.

Now the company is prepping for CEDIA Expo 2018 with so much on its plate integrators will likely spend a significant amount of time in the company’s booth (#5120), but beyond just products, the company wants to highlight its dedication to the dealer channel.

Control4 has stayed dedicated to the professional installation channel while other manufacturers have strayed into the DIY space.

“What differentiates us is our dedication to our dealers,” says Judd. “Since the beginning, we have been unapologetic about that. We love our network of dealers. We know that a quality connected home can only be delivered through professional install.”

Intercom Anywhere at CEDIA Expo 2018

Among the products in the booth will be the latest Control4 offering, the new Control4 Intercom Anywhere, including a new app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

With Intercom Anywhere, Control4 homeowners can receive video intercom calls from a Control4 Door Station, enabling them to see and communicate with visitors at the front door or gate, whether they’re home or away.

In addition, homeowners will see who’s at the door prior to answering the call, and can simultaneously activate a home scene such as turning on lights, opening the gate, or unlocking the door or garage in response to who has arrived.

Homeowners can also quickly activate alerts such as sounding an alarm, locking all doors, or turning on all interior and exterior lighting for additional safety measures.

The Intercom Anywhere is just one of the solutions the company will have in its booth at the show.

“If you have 5 minutes to stop by our booth, take a look at music, networking and lighting,” says Bryce Judd, director of worldwide sales.

“Our music line continues to expand with more streaming services as well as products to support it. Our network offering continues to be a robust and growing network offering for dealers. We know the network is critical for them. And finally lighting… lighting is a very successful category for our dealers and we are adding more products to help them.”