Comcast Xfinity Rolls Out MDU Smart Home Program

Cable giant Comcast packages smart home devices, services to create ‘simple solution to an advanced network’ for multi-dwelling unit (MDU) developers.

Comcast Xfinity Rolls Out MDU Smart Home Program

Comcast's new program allows residents to purchase homes with built-in, automation technologies from Xfinity Home.

Comcast is targeting the multi-dwelling unit (MDU) market with a new program aimed at multifamily property developers that provides a variety of home automation devices and the Xfinity smart home automation platform.

Headed by Xfinity Communities, Comcast’s business unit servicing the multifamily property market, the program allows residents to purchase homes with built-in, automation technologies from Xfinity Home.

In an announcement, Comcast cites results from a survey titled “Networking with Residents: Technology Drives the Multifamily Industry” that states 49 percent of property owners, managers and developers found implementing smart home technologies increased property values, and 82 percent are installing advanced technologies to create smart buildings.

The new program will enable Xfinity Communities to address the rising demand among multifamily developers to offer residents home automation capabilities in addition to voice, high-speed internet and entertainment services. Developers will partner with Xfinity Communities to obtain Xfinity Home connected devices and services including thermostats, garage door openers, lighting, door locks, security cameras and other gadgets that may be integrated into residences during the building process.

“We are offering property developers a simple solution to equip their communities of new construction with the advanced network and technologies needed to create a smart home,” says Adrian Adriano, vice president of strategic initiatives, Xfinity Communities. “Integrating Xfinity Home … into our offering allows us to work with developers to add connected devices and services operable on the Comcast platform, making it easy for residents to move in and have the features to remotely monitor their home, lock and unlock doors, turn on or turn off the lights or adjust the thermostat.”

Integrating smart home technology directly into multifamily developments has proven to be successful in giving residents greater value and convenience, as demonstrated by deployments in several Florida communities, according to Comcast. Users control their environment remotely through a mobile app or from their living room through an  Xfinity X1 cable box.

Additionally, multifamily property managers benefit as their buildings and individual residences can become more energy efficient and secure, according to the company.