Channel Vision’s New Line of Amplifiers with Bluetooth 4.0 Technology Released at CEDIA

The new line of ARIA 100W amplifiers feature built-in Bluetooth 4.0 modules to provide amplification and a local streaming source in one succinct unit.

Channel Vision Technology will be releasing six new amplifiers at CEDIA Expo (Booth #4446), each offering a distinct solution to audio amplification.

The enhanced A0350 In-Wall amplifier features a deeper, richer sound and consumes less power than the previous version. With its new flush mount design that fits in a standard 2-gang box, the A0350 is the perfect solution for both retrofits and new installations. The enhanced A0350 in-wall amplifier is also available in a Tabletop Amplifier (A0351) or as a Single Gang In-Wall Amplifier (A0352).

Three of the new amplifiers feature Bluetooth streaming capabilities and voice recognition, allowing users to enjoy true hands-free audio streaming and amplification from a single unit. Users have the option of incorporating a Volume Control Keypad (A0127) to manually switch between sources and to control the amplifier’s volume in each room.

“With Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities, the new amplifiers combine 100W audio amplification and wireless audio streaming in one succinct system,” says Channel Vision President Darrel Hauk. “We also now offer both in-wall and tabletop versions of each amplifier.”

The latest amps with Bluetooth 4.0 technology are the Single Gang In-Wall Amplifier (A0360), the 100W Tabletop Amplifier (A0361) and the 2-Gang In-Wall Amplifier (A0362). The new line also features the A0454 Multi-Room Mesh Network amplifier.

The amplifiers will be debuted at the CEDIA Expo at Channel Vision’s booth #4446 and will be available for purchase December 2016. For more information, please call a Channel Vision representative at (714) 424-6500 or go online at


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