Build Media Devices that Float Above Yourself When Entertainment is Delivered from a Higher Plane

How INCA integrates television and media devices into your environment with sophisticated automation products.

Home owners today are seeking new hi-tech methods to incorporate their design into a specific style of living with convenience and luxury that they can easily manage. INCA now, and for more than 40 years has offered excellent engineering and design of customized automated lifts that builders, architects, audio video dealers, electrical integrators, marine manufacturers, cabinet makers and designers worldwide, can offer to their customers. Our units are installed on the customer’s entertainment centers inside of furniture, yachts, hotels, boardrooms, and home theaters, combined, to integrate all of the different applications that they offer to entertainment, virtually anywhere. 

Need more room and space to store your large media devices?

The most popular product lines of automated mechanisms to support TVs has been our new flat screen “Flip Down Ceiling Lift”, “Floor Lift”, “Panel Lift”, “Panel Door Opener”, “TV Lifts” and “Wall Mounted Pullouts” combined with the integration of swivels, extensions and mounting systems. Our customers are able to design and execute media devices hidden in the wall, on the wall, in the ceiling, below the floor and in cabinets with the touch of their fingers, commanding the mechanism to operate. On top of these products, our newly innovated design of our Flat screen Flip Down Ceiling Lifts can now be installed on the surface of the ceiling, requiring no cut or special preparation of the ceiling. It is then finished in beautiful powder coated color, to match the ceiling. Designed in a very slim manner, it is light weight, and functions in a smooth and ultra-silent operation, supporting most TVs up to 65”. They can also be slightly upgraded to support larger TVs up to 90” on the heavy duty Fold Down TV Lift. Allowing contractors an easier install, these lift systems can be controlled by four different methods: radio remote (radio frequency), current sensing, dry contacts and a simple rocker switch. Providing the audio dealers different methods or options and how they will integrate the different accessories and media devices, our TV lift systems make it more convenient and entertaining for their customers. 

With the advent of the increasing demand of new smaller yachts, Yacht builders help to boost sales of the Flip Down Ceiling unit with the innovation and modification of new small and large yachts along with refurbished ones. Manufacturing them out of stainless steel and or aluminum material makes them much more corrosive resistant to any environment. With the Flip Down Ceiling Lift and Micro Flip Down Lift which is even smaller and more compact, users can now store even computers and small media devices in a concealed manner. Guaranteeing a superior high quality and precise mechanism that can elevate every seat in the house to the best seat. 

Many different TV suppliers, including Samsung, Vizio, Sony, LG and other popular brands of TV and media devices are now pushing a much larger screen in the market today that allows the end user to think of a better place to maximize their room and spaces at the very least square footage of the house. Smart users today utilize the innovative style of concealing their TV’s professionally with the services of INCA without sacrificing much space at home, on the yacht, the board room, and the like with the extra spaces provided above the ceiling, beyond the wall and under the floor. With INCAs ability to store and hide the media devices and very large TVs up to 120” size, projectors, cameras, door panels, speakers, tables, and even art works, we can build and customize your lifting mechanism to any environment with sophisticated design and capability to satisfy your needs. Deal with the professionals. Deal with INCA.