Acoustic Geometry Packs Tame Residential Acoustical Issues

Acoustic Geometry Home Room Packs address the environmental issues that stereo and home theaters face living in residential settings.

Acoustic Geometry Packs Tame Residential Acoustical Issues

Acoustic Geometry offers a choice of reasonably priced, preconfigured home and commercial acoustical packages in an array of colors.

Refreshing its product line to better meet the needs of today’s market, the new Acoustic Geometry Home Room Packs address a variety of sound quality issues in home environments. 

Acoustic Geometry is offering its product line, which also includes commercial market solutions through a variety of distribution channels, and the company says the products are designed to meet the performance and aesthetic requirements of property owners. 

“We’re excited to strengthen Acoustic Geometry’s presence in the retail market space through the Pro Room and Home Room Pack solutions,” says John Calder, director of retail sales, Acoustic Geometry. 

“Each set offers balanced room audio treatments ideal for all application settings—be it a home theater or high-end recording studio. No matter the environment, all rooms will not only have improved sound, but will now also include a visually appealing design element.”

Acoustic Geometry Home Room Packs Offer Convenience 

According to the Minn.-based company, the Acoustic Energy Geometry Home Room Packs are designed to provide homeowners and integrators a choice of cost-effective acoustical packages. 

Acoustic Geometry says the Home Room Packs address several common residential acoustical issues, including echo and reverberation in small-room environments. 

The first two Home Room Packs start by addressing echo and reverberation. The company points out that as integrators move up the product family the packages combine phase-coherent diffusion, along with low-frequency room mode mitigation, and broadband sound absorption solutions to provide more advanced acoustical properties.

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Taking a look at the small Curve Diffusors that are bundled into Packs 3 and 4, these products are engineered to scatter sound energy to result in a more evenly distributed soundfield for improved sound in medium- to large-size home theaters, listening rooms and home-recording studios. 

Home Room Packs are available in a choice of serengeti or graphite standard colors, and other colors are also available with longer lead times. 

In addition, Acoustic Geometry includes mounting hardware with all of its packages. 

Pro Room Packs Service Commercial Environments

Moving over to the commercial side of the A/V market, Acoustic Geometry’s Pro Room Packs offer the commercial electronics world a similar choice of prebundled acoustical treatment packages that provide phase-coherent diffusion, low-frequency room mode mitigation and broadband sound absorption capabilities. 

Acoustic Geometry states the Pro Room Packs ship in six “ship from stock” fabric color choices, and it offers 23 options color choices that require more lead time. 

Some of the color choice options available include onyx, birch beach glass and sandy pebble. 

The company adds that its Pro Room Packs 6, 8, 10 and 12 all feature fabric-wrapped panels, ceiling clouds (diffusors), curve diffusors and its ComerSorbers products. 

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