WyreStorm Shines a Spotlight on Cutting Costs with HDBaseT Direct Connectivity

With HDBaseT ports built into display devices, installers are eliminating headaches and expenses.

As a full solutions provider of HDMI, HDBaseT and AV over IP, WyreStorm knows a thing or two about distribution and control. Being an early adopter of HDBaseT technology, WyreStorm is bringing the world of direct HDBaseT connectivity into sharper focus by partnering with projector and display manufacturers and highlighting the benefits of connecting directly to the display device.

First introduced in 2010, HDBaseT is now the preferred technology for the transmission of uncompressed video, HD audio, Ethernet, control signals and power (aka 5Play™) over a single Cat5e/6 cable. WyreStorm has led the way in interoperabity between its HDBaseT extending and switching products and the wide range of connected devices.

As the technology has proliferated, more projector and display manufacturers are building products with HDBaseT input ports, eliminating the need for separate HDBaseT receiving devices. Without the receiving devices, the need for additional cables from the receiver to the display or projector is also eliminated. And without those additional cables, the number of potentital failure points is drastically reduced. For the dealer it means less products to buy, less time needed to install the system and fewer opportunties for potential problems.

WyreStorm has become an evangelist for direct-to-display capabilities, publishing a comprehensive ‘Connect & Project’ brochure which explains all the benefits of this simple, yet powerful advancement. WyreStorm’s VP of Sales and Marketing Hal Truax, explains: “Although HDBaseT is now an established standard, there is still confusion in the industry over connectivity and levels of control available. We have worked closely over the past two years with leading manufacturers, such as Sony, Epson, Panasonic, Digital Projection, Integra and Onkyo to test and qualify connectivity into their HDBaseT-enabled products. Part explanation, part verification, our Connect & Project initiative aims to show dealers the advantages HDBaseT-direct connections and our compatible product line, with over 50 devices and over five years of experience with the technology.” 

WyreStorm has taken the approach to promote a greater awareness of direct HDBaseT connectivity on display devices, rather than only distribution equipment. As Truax explains, “At first glance, it may seem counterintuitive to work with display manufacturers and inform dealers of the direct HDBaseT connectivity of products since we are effectively decreasing the market for our own HDBaseT receiver devices. However, we believe educating dealers is a positive tool in generating more business. It fosters closer relationships with our customers and increases our leadership in the category. In our experience, this appreciation creates a more persuasive argument for HDBaseT transmission and actually increases demand for additional WyreStorm HDBaseT products, such as matrix switchers, presentation switchers or standalone transmission solutions.”

The freedom of direct HDBaseT source connectivity unburdens devices from the unnecessary assortment of cables for clean, clutter-free installations. Fewer cables and connections reduces the complexity of projects and time required for running wires, terminating cables, installing equipment, testing and troubleshooting. This reduction in time and complexity of projects in turn dramatically lowers costs.

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