Affordable WR-1 Provides Superior Networking for Smaller Spaces, and Leaves Room to Grow

Give your customers a strong, affordable, and reliable network from Pakedge that can expand as needed.

Nothing is more important to a connected home than its network. No matter the size of the home, it is something homeowners don’t notice until it stops working. What that means to an installer is that you have a very frustrated customer who wants their home returned to working order ASAP. And until now, smaller homes were pressed to find a router that was reliable, easy on the check book, and offered remote management for quicker and easier service.

Pakedge just introduced a new wireless router that packs a big punch and works great in small spaces.The WR-1 wireless router is perfect for a smaller home, complete with BakPak Lite so integrators can remotely check their customer’s network and easily make fixes on the fly. The WR-1 is engineered to deliver a consistent, performance-driven wireless experience that customers with a small homes can depend on.

It also includes all the technologies you love from Pakedge.

The quick start setup wizard can have your customers running in minutes. And, if your customer’s home requires additional coverage, use the WR-1 to seamlessly push the configuration to up to two additional WAPs.

The WR-1 also delivers secure remote access (OpenVPN and Pakedge DDNS), the latest security encryption, and advanced wireless features to ensure better performance for even the most latency-sensitive audio/video streaming applications.

If that wasn’t enough, they also throw in remote monitoring and configuration with BakPak Lite. Meaning you can fix problems with your customers networks without stepping a foot in their home.

With the WR-1 with BakPak Lite, you can give all your customers–no matter their home size or budget — a great, reliable, high-speed network they deserve.

As a relative newcomer to Control4, I am elated that my integrator installed the WR-1 in my humble abode. It made my network worries a thing of the past. I am positive your customers will feel the same.

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