FireFX Network Guardian

The Network Guardian from FireFX is an automated security router/appliance able to perform multiple security functions within one single platform: network firewall, network intrusion prevention, gateway antivirus and anti-spam, VPN server, content filtering, data protection, and more.


The Network Guardian is an automated security appliance able to perform multiple security functions within one single platform: high performance router, network firewall, network intrusion prevention, gateway antivirus & anti-spam, VPN server, content filtering, data protection, etc.

Most successful security hacks happen behind the firewall when a user unknowingly introduces malware to a device. The malware can be introduced by visiting a web page on a compromised site, opening an email with a malware payload, sharing a thumb drive with a friend or co-worker, or may even be installed on an appliance at the time of manufacturing. The malware jumps laterally to other devices behind the firewall and automatically downloads more malware infecting other devices. 

The Network Guardian leverages military grade information assurance packages to monitor and protect traffic between devices behind the firewall (inside the user's network). It detects threats with daily updated patterns, and automatically shuts down any attacks.

Leveraging 20+ years of military operational networking experience in Top Secret environments, FIREFX has built the first security appliance specifically for the custom integration/automation market that actively monitors your networks for threats, protecting them with the same tools and techniques used by the US Army Cyber Command.

The Network Guardian is the first adaptive security appliance designed specifically for the custom integration market. Of its many unique and useful features, the three that will make the greatest impact for system integrators are:

  • The adaptive “learning” ability of the appliance to intelligently monitor for the latest threats and actively stop them when they happen.
  • A recurring revenue model to help integrators launch/build their RMR business while adding real value to their customers.
  • A VPN server to allow secure remote access to networks they are responsible for.

All this and it can be installed in under one minute!

As this Unified Threat Management device is a first designed specifically for the Custom Integration market, the only thing we can compare it to would be a traditional network router/firewall. Typical router/firewall combination devices passively block inbound traffic only.

The FIREFX Network Guardian actively monitors all network traffic on both sides of the router, identifying threat patterns and automatically shutting them down to protect the network. The threat patterns are updated daily to ensure emerging threats don’t slip past the Network Guardian’s watchful eye.

In addition to this, the Network Guardian can be configured to filter content by specific category such as Internet Porn, Gambling, Spyware, Drugs, etc. and can be configured to automatically insert “Safe-Search” to any of the major search engine queries limiting the bad content children could accidentally encounter or keeping the workplace and guest network of a business clean.

In addition to this, the FIREFX Network Guardian has a built in RMR platform and ships ready for remote access via VPN server which comes pre-configured out of the box. This will undoubtedly save time and money allowing technicians to service accounts remotely without rolling trucks.T

he Network Guardian has a simple web UI with dashboard to view relevant attacks blocked, network traffic, interface, activation, & VPN status, throughput stats, etc. Everything about the network is at the fingertips of the integrator and can be accessed remotely. Our interface is pared down to the ability and need of each user. Once logged in, A “Basic” level user will only see the basic features, not being confused by all of the bells and whistles available to an “Expert” user. The “Expert” user will have access to all the tools needed to configure and manage the system.