Monitor Audio Launches Flagship In-Ceiling Speaker

Monitor Audio’s PLIC II breaks the boundaries with clever design and technology. See it at CEDIA 2017.

British loudspeaker specialist Monitor Audio has expanded its Platinum II range of speakers to include a design and installation friendly in-ceiling speaker that offers unsurpassed levels of performance and sublime audio accuracy.

“When developing a new speaker, manufacturers have to consider four audiences – home technology installers, architects, interior designers and end users” comments Monitor Audio’s Technical Director, Dean Hartley. “This means that the final product has to meet many demands. We are delighted that we have met all these expectations with the new PLIC II in-ceiling speaker – it’s a winning combination of high quality sound, ease of installation and discreet design.”

The Monitor Audio PLIC II in-ceiling speaker features an 8” long throw bass driver with Rigid Diaphragm Technology (RDT II) cone technology to provide immensely powerful bass lines. This is achieved by the RDT cone reacting to an audio signal with lightning fast precision without deformation. A rigid aluminium baffle houses dual C-CAM mid-range drivers and an Micro Pleated Diaphragm (MPD) high frequency transducer, directed towards the listening area to deliver the best possible sound balance to the listener.

All PLIC II drivers employ a heavy duty motor system integrating an under-hung motor assembly to ensure the coil always remains in the gap, even when driven hard. The addition of copper ‘shorting’ rings greatly improves magnetic linearity and lowers intermodulation distortion, resulting in crisp and clear audio delivery. A world first for an in-ceiling speaker!

Designed for installation in both new build and retrofit projects, the PLIC II in-ceiling speaker features Monitor Audio’s unique Tri-Grip fixing system. This 3-position ‘dog leg’ style fixing provides a greater contact surface area than other types. This system, combined with the magnetic grille, saves the installer both time and money by speeding up the speaker fitting process.

To ensure controlled audio performance, Monitor Audio has designed an optional pre-construction MDF back box with pre-determined air volume of 24L. The rigid box is available with pre-loaded internal damping material to provide the best possible sound absorption and reduce standing waves.

To satisfy the interior designer and end user, the circular grille can appear almost invisible, by being painted to match the room décor. Monitor Audio also offers a square option to match lighting fixtures and ventilation.

Key Features

  • High-performance ‘no compromise’ flagship speaker product
  • Compact dimensions
  • 4 drivers – full three-way design
  • 8” Long throw Bass driver featuring RDT II cone technology
  • Dual 2” C-CAM mid-range drivers for wider dispersion
  • MPD high frequency transducer
  • Angled mid-range and high frequency drivers – directed towards listening area to provide uniform mid and high frequency dispersion
  • Rigid aluminium baffle construction
  • Highest quality ‘push’ style termination
  • Mid-range and H.F level adjustment switches (+1/0/-1) dB
  • Paintable, trim less/low profile circular magnetic grille design – square options available
  • Highest quality crossover design – including metallised polypropylene capacitor and low loss inductors
  • Patented Tri-grip dog leg fixing
  • PLIC-BOX II – specially designed pre-construction enclosure provides ideal controlled performance.
  • Pre-construction bracket for retro fit purposes -CB10 (light brown)