Alcons Audio Demos CRMSC-SRHV Speaker in Immersive Home Theater

Did you catch Alcons Audio’s high-performance home theater demo during CEDIA 2017? The setup featured the new CRMSC-SRHV surround speaker, Barco Loki projector, Trinnov processing and a Screen Acoustics hybrid screen.


As the use of high SPL, low distortion systems continues to grow within the high-performance home theater market, manufacturers from the commercial audio industry are increasingly entering the residential audio sector. That includes Alcons Audio, which exhibited at CEDIA for the third year in a row. 

The Netherlands-based company also took the opportunity to launch its new CRMSC-SRHV surround speaker, which it showcased in an 11.4.6 immersive audio system alongside components from Barco and Trinnov Audio. 

“We have attracted better comments from visitors each time that we have attended the CEDIA show,” notes Tom Back, co-founder, Alcons Audio. “The Alcons Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience was a major highlight of the 2016 show and this year we refined the system to deliver even better results. A larger meeting room meant a better immersive path length layout—but [it] also required more acoustical treatment. [With the system] we continue striving for the ultimate experience.”

The CRMSC-SRHV loudspeaker is designed to deliver power and clarity from a compact footprint. Integrators can use the product in horizontal and vertical positions through its rotatable waveguide that produces 90 degrees x 60 degrees of dispersion.

Alcons says the immersive A/V system featured at CEDIA included three of its CRMS mkII speakers as LCRs, two CRMS mkI speakers employed as left and right wide channels, while a pair of CRMSC speakers were used as rear surrounds, and six of the new CRMSC-SRV speakers were installed to handle the height layer in front, side, rear positions. 

Augmenting the system's low frequency capabilities, two CB211 21-inch subwoofers were used in the front of the system, and two CB181 18-inch subwoofers were installed as side solutions. 

Alcons points out that its Sentinel 10 provided power and control for the 11.4.6 system through a mix of digital AES and analog connections, which were set up in a special “hack mode” enabled via a Trinnov Altitude32. 

On the video side, the immersive surround system incorporated a Barco Loki projector, along with a specially masked Screen Acoustics (DreamScreen) hybrid knitted/woven screen.  

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