Offer Your Customers an Exceptional, Repeatable Hi-Res Audio Experience

Meridian’s entirely new custom-install line-up of high-resolution audio solutions are easy to install and seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

Have you heard? Meridian has developed an entirely new custom-install line-up of high-resolution audio solutions that are easy to install and seamlessly integrate with existing systems—including those from other suppliers—while continuing to provide the unrivalled performance and the very best experience Meridian Audio is known for. 

Designed and manufactured in Meridian’s UK facility, three new products emphasize Meridian’s commitment to enhancing the entertainment experience: two new Power Amps add muscle and quality to any existing system and a versatile new zone controller provides a multitude of distributed audio and control options usable in a wide variety of residential applications. 

The Sooloos/MQA–enabled Meridian 218 Zone Controller is a versatile unit that combines digital and analog inputs and outputs, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of distributed audio applications from single zone to multi-zone use. The 218 has a comprehensive range of audio input and output options, including Meridian Speakerlink, optical, and analog inputs, and digital and analog outputs. A small, compact unit, the 218 can be used as a DAC and takes up only 1U on a rack and needs no dedicated cooling or ventilation, making it very easy and efficient to install. The 218 has a number of installation options, including optional bracket- and rack-mounted versions, and has a built-in universal voltage power supply. The 218 comes equipped with lip sync technology, and also features IP control so that it can be easily configured through a webpage, and Crestron and Control4 integration modules ensure that the 218 fits seamlessly into an existing home automation system. An iPad app offers intuitive, straightforward control of functionality such as volume and switching of sources.

The Meridian 258 is a dedicated rack-mount Eight-Channel Power Amplifier which delivers a premium experience in a small and efficient, cold-running chassis that’s easily integrated into multi-room audio systems and more. This powerful, high performance cold-running Class D amplifier is suitable for a wide range of applications and delivers >100W per channel into 4 Ohms.  At only 1U high and carrying a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty, the 258 is a category changing amplifier and as with all Meridian products is manufactured in the UK. This very competitively priced power amp enables dealers to boost their client’s audio systems with some Meridian muscle.

The Meridian 857 is a Reference Two-Channel Power Amplifier delivering 500W per channel into 4 Ohms. This Hi-Res Audio amplifier, bridgeable to >1.5KW, is available as a dedicated rack-mount variant and incorporates a totally new design based upon extensive research. Tremendously powerful with an incredibly low noise floor, the Meridian 857 represents a step change in amplifier design. Similarly to the 258, the 857 has been specifically designed to work with any audio product, so that dealers can include Meridian Hi Res-enabling technology with their client’s preferred brand of loudspeaker. 

With a wide range of custom installation products now on the market with more being introduced over the course of 2017, Meridian Audio’s lineup represents a valuable opportunity for dealers to offer their clients an exceptional Hi-Res Audio experience that pairs perfectly with existing or complementary systems.

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