Electronic Devices Installed Below the Floor, Reducing the Footprint Required in the Living Space

Convert your home to an automated hi-tech digital style of living, with a mechanism from INCA. Downsizing living space is now easier to manage.

Audio video dealers, contractors, architects, designers and the like can transform the way you live in your home by making life more easy and convenient to operate the electronic devices in your home through electronic integration of controls and hardware, and operate the daily entertainment devices and security system. Also, right selection of INCA automated lifting mechanism will allow you to organize space and management plans in and out of your home, office, yacht, mobile home and any environment that you can imagine. 

A homeowner from New York asked “Can we hide our big TV Flat Screen underground, or do we need to install it in a cabinet on the floor?”  INCA’s Floor Lift is becoming more flexible and can be designed and suited to meet many different applications without much limit in terms of its position: below the floor, in the basement, in a pit by the pool, in a pool deck etc. Also, a mechanism can be mounted in a regular sitting bench, using a Flat Screen TV, or popping out from a utility cabinet, pony wall or book shelve extending the TV to a proper viewing height. An example of this is from a special project in Dubai called the “the Palm” and installed by Archimedia. That has gained a lot of attention and received a special award from CEDIA in 2016 using one of our most powerful Floor Lift mechanisms from INCA. Showcasing the magnificent style and function on a custom mechanism designed to support roughly 800 pounds.

Another customer asked “How can we have one Flat Screen TV function in two rooms?” With the help of many different available options from Inca, an Automatic or Manual Swivel can be added to the Floor Lift mechanism and operated by dry contacts or a radio remote. Also, speakers or a sound bar can be fitted with the TV and function in the same manner on the INCA Floor Lift.

INCA can support any size TV on its Automated Lifting Mechanism including the Floor Lift unit. Also, INCA can build a lift to be mounted above the ceiling, even if space is at a premium. Homeowners downsizing their living spaces will enjoy our new thinner and smaller ceiling units: INCA Flat Screen Flip Down Ceiling Lift or Micro Flip Down Ceiling Lift. They can be surface mounted or recessed above the ceiling, requiring only or 3.0” to 4” in height. Inca’s most compact Flip Down Ceiling lift can support TVs ranging in size from 22” to 65” and if required include an option for extension or further drop into the room to ensure the proper viewing location. Integrating a Swivel function can also be added for extra convenience and use with an INCA Custom Fold Down Ceiling Lift with swivel. Control options are also available.

Other popular product lines of automated mechanisms to support TVs that are now gaining attention internationally and domestically  has been our new “Pedestal Lift”, “Panel/Door Opener”, “TV Lifts”, “Utility Lifts”, “Side slider”, “Step, Back & Rise”, “Corner Post TV Swivel”, “TV Lift Tilting Module” and “Wall Mounted Pullouts”. Combined with the integration of swivels, extensions and mounting systems, homeowners can now be able to design and execute media devices hidden in the wall and on the wall, in the ceiling, below the floor and in cabinets with the touch of their fingers commanding the mechanism to operate.